Dear Pack 3311

Last fall the homeschool Cub Scouts in my son’s pack decorated a bunch of pillows and sent them off to soldiers in Iraq. Before the pillows were shipped one of the pack leaders put the pack number and address on all the pillows. And at the annual Blue & Gold Banquet a couple of weeks ago, that same leader had this letter to share with the scouts and the parents:

Dear Pack 3311,

I want to let you know that I was given a pillow here in Iraq with your address. This pillow is decorated with the American flag and I now use this pillow every night. Each night when I lay my head on this pillow and I read what you wrote and see the American flag, I am reminded why we are here in Iraq fighting this war. We are here for people like you, our future.

We are here to defend our way of life against those who do not like America and all we stand for. Be thankful for all you have as we are thankful here for all your support. There are many throughout the world who do not have the many things we do.

Thank-you again for your support and prayers. God bless. Please feel free to write back.

[name withheld]
Captain, United States Marine Corps

I’ve said before that our men and women uniform are America’s finest ambassadors. This man is in harm’s way, away from his family and home to fight the good fight. He’s busy making the world a better place. And he took the time to write a pack of Cub Scouts to thank them for a pillow.

He’s proud of that American flag. He’s proud of what he’s doing. And he knows that the little guys are the future. And he wants those back home to know that he appreciates their support.

I’m proud of my son for helping with the pillow project. (See the update on this post for a Scout being a good American on the anniversary of a terrible day.) And I’m proud of our homeschool Cub Scout pack for doing a little to make our guys a bit more comfortable when they’re overseas.

UPDATE: Thanks to all who have linked, commented, and read. I’ve posted an update to this post here.


  1. Great story. I’ve blogged it at my site. (And I found you through Expat Yank’s link, in case you’re wondering.) I’m married to an Eagle Scout, and I am dismayed at all the bad press and outright attacks the Boy Scouts are up against these days. I’m always glad to hear of parents who are maintaining the program despite the obstacles. And I am in awe of some of the people we have in the military these days – they show real class as well as real dedication. Hats off all ’round!

  2. My daughters Brownie Troop sent about 20 care packages and not only did they get back quite a few letters of thanks, they got a flag that flew over a base in Afghanistan.

  3. Thanks for posting the story about two worthy institutions, the Boy Scouts and the USMC. My son is in Boy Scouts, and in fact, I’m just headed out the door for a campout with the troop. Seems strange that at a time like this, when courage and integrity are in such short supply, that these two venerable institutions are under attack. Keep up the good blogging work!

  4. Oh, geeze, now I’m all sniffly. What a wonderful story — through your Pack, you have set an excellent example for your son and his fellow packmates to live by and enrich the lives of others — even a half a world away — with your actions. No wonder that so many of our military’s officer corps are former Eagle Scouts. :o)

  5. I’ve got the same story twice over with the cub pack I was involved with (son’s a boy scout now.) Two and half years ago we sent pocket size American Flags with notes written by each of the boys in the pack to soldiers in Afghanistan. We got an absolutely tear jerking response from an Army officer there who was a fellow scouter from Georgia. The next year we did the same thing. This time the flags wound up going to Marines in the US Embassy in Liberia. The flags arrived at a point in time where the Marine contigent which had been re-inforced was under constant attack by an insurgent force trying to take over the Liberian government for the last two months. We first received a letter from the one of the Embassy officials (an ex Marine/Eagle Scout himself) who said that as the flags were handed out there wasn’t a single dry eye in the place, and they did a great deal for moral. He later came back to the US and gave the Pack a special presentation at our Blue and Gold dinner. It was absolutely wonderful. We helped the troops in our small way, and they helped teach our boys some valuable lessons in civics.

  6. 57-year-old Vietnam Veteran weeping here, god bless those cub scouts, and the marine they helped. I was remembering a Minnesota State flag sent to me from my 4th grade teacher, whose class took up a collection for that flag, 35 years ago. That brought tears back then as well. Dustyvet HQ&HQ Battery 1st BN 11th Artillery 9th Infantry Division Bearcat Base Dongtam Base Mekong River Delta Vietnam 1967-68