Pics of the Oriskany sinking – UPDATED!

At the extreme right of this pic is what appears to be the explosives control boat which was to float free as the carrier sank.

Click each for a better look. Bigger versions at Navy News Stand here and here.

Previous MO coverage here and here.

UPDATE: CBS has raw video. Incredible.


Via Clip Blast.


As usual, click on each for a better look. For gigantic versions of these and more, keep tabs on Navy News Stand’s photo gallery.

UPDATE 3: Good background post at Pensacola Beach Blog.

UPDATE 4: The Pensacola NewsJournal site has a good gallery, some from the Navy (and seen here on MO) and some new ones. Murdoc likes this one:

UPDATE 5: More, including a You Tube tribute video to the Oriskany’s career.


  1. MO, I like just having the plain video, no commentary or jabber. Refreshing.

  2. CNN was saying today that this was the ship that Senator Mcain flew off of before he was shot down and captured in Vietnam, for what its worth

  3. Totaly awsome pics. Can’t wait to see the raw footage of the sinking. A former shipmate and I was wondering why the Captian’s Gig was on deck and just float off as the Mighty ‘O’ slips to her water grave.

  4. Jody, I believe you and your friend are mistaken. That small boat that slides off the flight deck and remains afloat is not the Captain’s gig. Supposedly it contains the demolition crew’s equipment that controlled the multiple explosions. They did not want their equipment to sink with the ship.

  5. thanks for all the pictures of the oriskany.She was my home for four years.1968 thru 1972. She took me to the south china sea and brought me back four times.It makes me sad to see her sinking,but I still have a lot of great memories of the MIGHTY ‘O’