Gas Prices by County

Happened across this nifty gas prices page which has a price map of the US by county. Here’s a screenshot:

On our recent trip to Texas, we were happy (relatively speaking) to pay under $2.00 on a few tanks.

Gas prices aren’t in the news much these days, as they’ve retreated a bit. I guess we’ll see what they do in the coming weeks, and if they shoot back up you can be sure we’ll be hearing all about how the GOP manipulated them down for the elections. And it might even be true.


  1. That chart is at least partly wrong. The area of Virginia that I’ve been traveling through (metro DC and the Shenandoah valley) should be a couple shades lighter in the green – prices are in the 2.20-2.30 range.

  2. No American really has the power to adjust oil prices. As much as I’d like that to be true, the power lies in the hands of the producers.

  3. The poswer to move gas prices also lies in the hands of meddlesome politicians who require custom blends. i.e. California.