Field stripped XM-8

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I am much obliged. Robert Douglas at Backroad Blog forwarded me this pic since he figured I’m the “leader on the XM-8 info”. While I don’t think that’s the case, the XM8 certainly brings in a ton of traffic to MO and is the primary reason my little site has grown so much over the past couple of months. Mr. Douglas doesn’t know the original source of the pic.

This is a great picture. One of the first things that I noticed is the good view of the semi-clear ammunition clip. This one is empty (you can clearly see the spring inside), but you get a good idea of how easy it will be for our guys to check how many rounds they’ve got left with a quick glance.

Somewhere I read a remark that an electronic indicator in the sight would allow soldiers to monitor their ammo without taking their eyes off their target, and that’s certainly true. In any event, the clear clip is an improvement over the current ones, as long as it’s durable enough.

Also, this model seems to have only positions on the thumb selector, presumably for semi-auto and full-auto. There’s been word that a three-round burst selection may be made available, as well.

Enjoy. And don’t forget to check out Backroad Blog. It was very kind of him to forward me this pic, and I appreciate it greatly.


  1. i’m not too awful sure about this new rifle. i mean it looks like it’s made outta plastic and shit! i’d rather stick with my ole M if we’ve got the choice. don’t have much info on the X-M, if ya want to contact me to give me some. lata

  2. i would make the pistol grip more formed for fingers and palm placement to assist with trigger control and retention . other than that it sounds like a good weapon.

  3. I have an SL8 and an AR. They are both brilliant in their designs. I have 2350 rounds through the SL8 and the bolt still shines. Never dirty, never a malfunction, eats all kinds of ammo, MOA accurate always. The indirect impingement is sweet. ( I still love my M4…) Since the M8 is based on the SL8/G36 design, I don’t think you can go wrong. If HK scales it up for the 7.62 so you have two series like Armalite did with the AR platform, then you have the best of both worlds and still can use the 100’s of millions of rounds stockpiled eveywhere. And range is a non-issue when an A-10 is just over the hill…

  4. The guts of the XM-8 is the H&K G-36 which has been used by the German Army for a few years. The stock and grips are the only things different. The G-36 is supposed to be very very reliable. That alone makes it a big improvement over the M-16 in my mind.

  5. the clear clip is excellent, its similar to the one on the G36, just as durable and much lighter

  6. The current trend of small arms development in the Germany always tempts me to think that it is a victory for the American genius, although the Germans have been contributing all the time to the advancement of weapons. After experiencing almost the development of almost every alternative for bolting a pistol, be it roller-locking (P9/P9S), straight blow-back (VP70/VP70Z, in essence, no locking), gas-delayed blow-back, etc., H&K went back to the basic and delivered us the Universal Service Pistol (USP), a polymer pistol made of state-of-the-art material with a mechanism nearly a century old, Browning tilt-barrel. After adopting the roller delay-blow-back principle for decades, H&k returned to the basic again and handed us the G36 assault rifle system, which is a modern weapon system utilizing a lot of advanced materials and devices (polymer, alloy, laser/telescoping/dot sight, modular construction, etc.) with the ‘heart’ of an AR-18, the brain child of Gene Stoner and Jim Sullivan. It looks a bit strange to me that Americans are going to pay money to foreign manufacturers to use the legacy of those American greats and develop weapon systems for them.

  7. Everyone is so excited about how ‘reliable’ this weapon is. The AK-47 and it’s variants are extremely reliable with interchangeable parts too. This is achieved by using parts with loose tolerances, resulting in less accuracy. So why hasn’t anyone bragged about how accurate this ‘reliable’ weapon is…

  8. I believe that the 6.8mm would be adequate enough for the XM8, but are thinking to much when asking for the 7.62mm ammo. Too big for the caliber size, unless it was lengthened to maybe 20′, at least.

  9. I have been shooting for years. I love my AR-15 but also enjoy shooting my SKS and other large round rifles. I think that plastics and polymers have shown that they are the future of our society. Glock has demonstrated this with their entire line of pistols. I have never had an issue with my Glock; in fact all my other pistols need constant attention because of all the metal. They are always in silicon socks but still need constant attention and oiling. My Glock doesn’t need any attention and in fact could be stuck in the mud for days and fires without issues. Like I said I love my AR-15 but a bigger round and more polymers would only improve it. The XM-8 sounds as if it needs some small changes (using a different size round like for example the 7.62mm round) but everything I have read and heard says this rifle is reliable. I have heard of it fire hundreds of rounds with out issue and it’s simple break down and cleaning should make this rifle a great choice to the future soldiers of our military. Let’s just hope that our Government/Military has learned from the mistakes it made when changing over to the M16. Cutting corners only kills soldiers. Cheaper isn’t better. Build it the way it needs to be built and make the improvements your soldiers in the field (Our experts) suggest.

  10. The XM-8 is the future. Why does everybody love the M-16 and M-4 so much? Just a bit of fine desert sand or dust in a M-16 or M-4 and you are screwed. And then i did not even mention the problems asociated with the hot gases that vent into the receiver to push the bolt carrier back. The M-16 family needs constant cleaning. But a G-36 or XM-8 stays shiny clean for a very long time. The G-36(all XM-8 internal parts are virtual copies of the G-36)is in use from 1999 in the german army. Every soldier who pick’s it up loves it. Currently the german infantry is equiped with the best rifle/carbine system in the world.

  11. i just love this new gun. i seen several pics on the net and just love it!! i wanna have 1!!

  12. ive heard the XM8 is very accurate and puts out good stoping power, but it may be to large of a transition from the m16 series now to an weapon that is still being developed. i hope the US military goes back on its cancelation of the rifle in the future to be better equiped when the m16 has done all it can.

  13. are there any modifications on the XM8. It looks great but can it put on a suppressor or night vision sights. nevertheless it looks great!!! it kinda resembles a G36