Friday Linkzookery – 14 Sep 2012

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise to Highest in Two Months
Maybe Obama’s hoping his incompetent handling of the Middle East situation will divert attention from his incompetent handling of the economy?

Occupy activists plead guilty to conspiracy and weapons of mass destruction charges
Remember, if you have a Gadsden flag bumper sticker you might be a domestic terrorist

This president does not need intel briefers
According to the public schedule of the president, the last time the Obama attended his daily intelligence meeting was Sept. 5 — a week before Islamist radicals stormed our embassy in Cairo and terrorists killed our ambassador to Tripoli.

House approves new Stolen Valor bill
The legislation would apply to specific awards, and would apply to anyone who lies about their receipt of such awards with the intent of obtaining money, property or some other tangible benefit.

US Navy solves X-47B tailhook problem in-house
Drone to begin carrier trials next year.

JSF – What’s Really Happening
As you probably guessed, it ain’t too pretty.

Romney vow to buy more F-22s questioned
Re-starting production would be very expensive.

F-22 Analysis Continues, Air Force General Tells Congress
The oxygen thing is taking forever to get worked out.

‘Deadly Serious’ Navy Wrestles With Mine Warfare Modernization
Mines could easily be to the Navy what IEDs have been to the Army and Marines for the past decade.

U.S. Navy’s Newest Ship Gets 8,000-Mile Shakedown
USS Fort Worth (LCS 3) is the second monohull Freedom-class ship.

Army testing body armor made for women
1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division soldiers in the Female Engagement Team are to be the judges of the new vests now in prototype.

U.S. War Game Finds Gaps in Navy, Marine Amphibious Ops
Especially in command and control.

USS Arizona survivor interred in turret on battleship
Survivors of USS Arizona or USS Utah (both still in the harbor) may have urns with their ashes placed inside the wrecks.

Royal Navy’s HMS Illustrious to be preserved
Looking for proposals to maintain the ship after it retires in 2014.

The Forgotten Fifteenth
15th Air Force often unknown despite their struggles and victories.

Mobile landing platform ship almost complete
USNS Montford Point (T-MLP-1) will be the first of the forward basing ships to join the fleet.

‘E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial’ Back in Theaters October 3rd
Original cut. Guns not walkie-talkies.

UK puts Goalkeeper CIWS mountings up for sale
30mm point blank naval defense guns.

BATTLESHIP 3D: Sonar recreates sunken warship
Detailed 3D scan of the Royal Oak.

Virginia Man Sentenced for Spying for Syrian Government
Mohamad Anas Haitham Soueid was accused of collecting information, audio and video of individuals protesting the Syrian government in the U.S. and Syria and giving it to Syrian intelligence agencies.

Alec Baldwin’s fracking hyprocrisy
Oh, come on. No one gives a frack what Alec Baldwin thinks about anything.

Young Skeptics? Generation X unconcerned about climate change
University of Michigan report finds that Generation X is lukewarm about climate change—uninformed about the causes and unconcerned about the potential dangers.


  1. Re: GenX & Climate
    ‘”Climate change is an extremely complex issue, and many Generation X adults do not see it as an immediate problem that they need to address,” Miller said.’

    Rapid Climate Changes lead to failed agriculture systems, which leads to wars. Add Nukes to the equation and …well Nuclear Armageddon is why I freak out about something which otherwise takes tens of thousands of years to sort itself out.

  2. Hell Sam-Hec,

    At my age I can’t be concerned about “climate change”.

    All my frettin is focused on “Climax change”!

  3. “Occupy activists plead guilty to conspiracy and weapons of mass destruction charges”
    Even considering media bias, I’m still dumbfounded that this story has so little media attention.

    “This president does not need intel briefers”
    Great, after sh** gets real, NOW he loses interest…

    “House approves new Stolen Valor bill”
    The original one should have stood. It was challenged on the auspices that it restricted freedom of speech, but the language of the bill never said anything about legislating honesty — only specific legislation against people committing a specific act of *fraud*.

    “JSF – What’s Really Happening”
    The F-35 doesn’t just fail all that detailed stuff — the very essence of it’s design is flawed. Take, for example, it’s Wing Loading (which governs maneuverability, and less is better); at 29300lbs, with 460ft2 of wing area, an F-35A with a full tank of gas has a wing loading of 103.91lb/ft2. That’s worse than an F-14A Tomcat, and the F-35A in question doesn’t even have any missiles yet!
    By contrast, and F-16C with full internal fuel, 2 Sidewinders, and 2 AMRAAMs weighs 27200lbs. With 300ft2 of wing area, the resulting wing loading is 90.66lb/ft2; 10% less than an F-35A with nothing but fuel.
    There’s also the little matter of Transient Maneuvering, the ability to blend one maneuver into another. The effectiveness of an aircraft at doing this is determined by one thing alone; weight, and as with wing loading, less is better. Recall that an empty F-35A weighs almost 2000lbs more than an F-16C with a full supply of fuel and 4 missiles? With a full stock of fuel (and *still* no missiles yet), and F-35A weighs 47500lbs — only 2500lbs short of it’s 50000lb maximum take-off weight!
    Or to put it another way, the weight of an empty F-35A is within a few-hundred pounds of the empty weight of an F-15C Eagle.
    And how about the F-35A’s payload of 13000lbs, compared to the F-16C it “replaces” at 16400lbs? The ferry range of an F-35A at 1125 miles, versus 2610 miles for an F-16C? How about the F-16’s proven Mach 2 top speed, the F-16’s 40% greater thrust/weight ratio (the 43000lb F135 never existed, and it produces just 35000lbs of thrust — just like the F119 used on the F-22A, which is identical except for the nozzle), it’s higher-capacity weapon stations than the F-35A (4500lbs, compared to 3000lbs for the strongest on the F-35A), it’s bubble canopy (the F-35s have clamshell canopies, whose disastrous showing in combat over Vietnam is why the F-14, F-14, F-16, YF-17, F-/A-19, F-20, F-22, and YF-22 were all given bubble canopies — as do the Mig-29, Su-27, Su-47, Mig 1.44 MFI, J-10, J-20, J-21, Mirage 2000, Typhoon, Rafale, Gripen, Tejas, etc.), it’s 1200-mile range on internal fuel that proved to be only 850 miles (on 18500lbs of internal fuel — more than the maximum internal AND external fuel of an F-16C!), or 16-times-higher cost-per-flight-hour?
    I could go on and on. It’s almost like the F-35 was designed by a company that hadn’t introduced a new production fighter aircraft since the 1950s!
    Hey, wait a second…

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