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Via the aforementioned Buckethead at the Ministry of Minor Perfidy, is this from Mister Green by way of Rocket Jones:

Abu Ghraib does not justify this [the beheading of Nick Berg]. This does not justify Abu Ghraib, assuming the murderers were not actually in Abu Ghraib. The fact that we’re not going to nuke Mecca in retaliation proves we’re better than they are. Not that we should need reminding of this. Abu Ghraib represents a betrayal of our principles, while this murder represents an expression of theirs.

While it could be argued that violence is a betrayal of Muslim values and the teachings of the Koran, it certainly is the modus operandi of the fundamentalist faction of Islam we’re fighting in this war.

UPDATE: Mr. Green comments

Minor clarification to avoid misunderstanding – I was speaking specifically of Al Qaeda, not Muslims in general. I cannot speak to what are or are not Muslim values, but AQ’s are easy to observe.

This is another way of saying what I was trying to say. Our enemies, al Qaeda and the like, ARE a betrayal of Muslim values. I just wanted to head off the “why do they hate us” crowd by pointing out that we’re not fighting all of Islam, and that this beheading is typical of the group that we are fighting. We need blog lawyers to edit our posts so that we can say what we think without some al Qaeda apologist twisting our words into meaning what they wish we meant.


  1. Thanks for the link. Minor clarification to avoid misunderstanding – I was speaking specifically of Al Qaeda, not Muslims in general. I cannot speak to what are or are not Muslim values, but AQ’s are easy to observe.

  2. it’s my understanding that when Mr. Berg was told to exit Iraq and would be given help he stated, ‘ You don’t understand these people the way that I do’ How blatently obvious our press and teachers in this country are failing to represent our enemy in their true light. Enough with teaching our youth that these people can be negotiated with. Enough belittling our president when he call them the personification of ‘EVIL’. I think our military (of which I gave 12 years of my life to) should be given the opportunity, as one of our great military leaders, General Patton said,to allow our enemy to die for their country.’ Since they have no country and only fight for their god, ‘smaller case intended’, we should allow them every opportunity to die for this being. God bless our President, and please God bless the USA.

  3. categorizing ppl on the basis of their opinion wasn’t a very smart argument tactic, James. The problem with you ppl is that u watch commercial media

  4. The vast majority of Americans favor the use of nuclear weapons in ending the Iraqi war and dealing with Islamic terorists. There are no innocent Iraqis, as all of them secretly support and condone attacks against Americans. I can’t wait for the day that these false god ragheads eventually get the balls to organize their laughable jihad. This will give us the excuse we have been waiting for to unite with our Israeli and European allies and nuke this worthless garbage off of the planet.The way they treat their women leads me to believe they are a bunch of latent homos that are better off dead. What’s the big deal about all the virgins for martyrdom -these fags wouldn’t know what to do with them anyway.Have a nukey day. Remember Nick Berg.

  5. The murder of Nick Berg is brutal and inexcusable no matter what the ‘justifications’ given by the perpetrators. Equally brutal and inexcusable are the two deaths by beating at Abu Ghraib of civilian detainees. The Army has already investigated them and labeled them homicide – and is currently investigating 10 more ‘suspicious’ deaths. Even one of the pictures that have appeared in the press is of a dead detainee – beaten to death. I agree with all of the denouncements of the terrorists for their brutal murder of Nick Berg, but I do have to wonder why we are so quick to ignore or justify it when we did excactly the same thing – where’s the outrage against our own soldiers who executed civilian detainees in an equally brutal manner – and also took pictures of it. Those who say that torture-murder is an expression of Muslim values and an abberation of American values only have to read all of the ‘kill all the fuckin’ Arabs’ comments on this site to see exactly the same hatred and blood-lust on our side as is exhibited by the terrorists. We have all too many of our own ‘9/11 massacre’ perpetrators here – eager to kill any and all Arabs as freely as they pledge to do to us. How can we still believe in our moral superiority, our moral high-ground after reading Duke Nukem. We must track down and punish the murderers of Nick Berg, but we can’t be hypocrites and claim that the murders done in our own names are somehow okay and justified. That’s the same thing the terrorsists believe – and when we begin having trouble telling the Good Guys from the Evil Doers, we’ve destroyed more of what makes our own country special than the 9/11 bombers ever did.