Navy man who returned fire to be charged?

This seems made up:

Navy Lt. Cmdr Timothy White was shot by the Islamic radical in Chattanooga, Tennessee. White also fired back at the terrorist hoping to save lives and bring an end to this sensless tragedy which claimed the lives of 5 American patriots.

White used his own firearm, which is not allowed on the base. Because of his heroic efforts, instead of being celebrated, he faces major charges for carrying and firing a firearm on federal property, which could include jail time.

This sort of thing happens all the time when pizza delivery drivers protect themselves with guns carried in violation of company rules. Seems weird to see military personnel in trouble because they carried a gun which they used in defense against an attacker. But that’s how things work these days.

If a Conservative would made up this story a month ago, he would have been laughed off as a crackpot.