Remember: The Orlando Shooter was a Democrat

The killer was a registered Democrat who swore allegiance to ISIS. I know! Let’s make a banner about how Republicans are evil.

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  1. Yes the shooter at Orlando was a registered democrat but that in not P C today. Everyone knows that it is the republicans that are haters and not the democrats.
    While the democrats wants to allow everybody into the US what they don’t realize is that some of the people that they will allow in hate the US and generally that same group also hates sinners. To Islam as well as the religion of christ is homosexuals are sinners and deserve death. Now for the most part christians no longer kill the homosexual and one day Islam may be similar.
    There may be a cause. In Old Testament time Israel was a theocracy with God at the head and Is real was to be a holy nation but the people chose to be like nations around them and do all that god told them not to do. Islam is more like that nation of ancient Israel and Allah is the head. All who sin are to be killed. In the past christians also thought thaat sex out side of marriage was a sin this is not the same now. Something else they don’t realize is that one sexual sin is just as bad as another one so adultery, fornication, rape all are as bad as the sin of homosexuality (which is still a sin also).

  2. If only the Republicans would outlaw the AR-15, criminals would stop shooting people, and probably start hugging everyone.

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