Friday Linkzookery — 15 Jul 2016

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ‘regrets’ don’t cut it
Liberals are shocked — shocked! — that Ginsburg would act like a hack
Actually, Murdoc’s glad she said what she said. And he’s glad that she’s now trying to backtrack. It makes her positions clear and open. It undermines the idea of fair justice, of course, but fair justice is already undermined…we just try to pretend that it isn’t.

Treat Rape Like Every Other Crime
The special treatment that people demand for rape cases or “hate crime” cases is a crime.

Man Dressed as Woman Caught Taking Pictures of Woman in Target Dressing Room
Sean P. Smith calls himself Shauna Patricia Smith.

After Brexit: the myth of post‑truth politics
The words ‘post-truth’ are repeated like a mantra, applied sweepingly to whole sections of society whose crime is that they don’t hold the same opinions or ideas as the political and cultural elites.

Pokémon Go: armed robbers use game to lure players into trap
Using the game to ambush players in secluded areas.

The Climate Police Crack-Up Those Exxon Mobil subpoenas? Never mind.
Crushers of dissent get crushed: Free-speech advocates have reason to cheer as two state attorneys general have walked back their subpoenas against Exxon Mobil Corp. , tacitly admitting that their climate-change harassment lacks a legal basis.

Scientists who found gluten sensitivity evidence have now shown it doesn’t exist
Although experts estimate that only 1 percent of Americans – about 3 million people – actually suffer from celiac disease, 18 percent of adults now buy gluten-free foods.

D.B. Cooper: FBI closes the books 45 years after skyjacking mystery
Murdoc’s wondered about this since he saw an episode of IN SEARCH OF on it as a kid.