Shipwrecks Missing

HMS Exeter sinking in 1942

HMS Exeter sinking in 1942

Several WWII shipwrecks have mysteriously vanished from under the sea

The wreckage of six warships and a submarine that have lain on the bottom of the Java Sea since 1942 is now missing, and naval authorities are at a loss to explain the disappearance.

The missing shipwrecks include HNLMS De Ruyter, HNLMS Java, HMS Exeter, HMS Encounter, and the submarine USS Perch. Large portions of other ships are also just plain gone.

Some naval authorities believe that illegal salvage operations have taken the wrecks for scrap metal. To be honest, that seems pretty far-fetched to Murdoc. The wrecks are in 200+ feet of water. Is the scrap metal really worth salvaging from that depth?


  1. Also chunks out of the USS Houston, HMS Prince of Wales, and HMS Repulse. The RN’s lost their propellers several years ago.

    Yes its quite believable. Generally the ‘salvage’ is having divers load coffee cans packed with explosives into any holes in the hull and then set them off. Basically just blowing parts of the hull off and dropping a claw into the wreck to pull out anything you can get. The metal they get is cheaper than buying it from a steel mill.

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