Friday Linkzookery – 09 Dec 2016

Kerry ‘fesses up about Obama’s ‘red line’
Secretary of State John Kerry told a painful truth on Sunday, admitting that President Obama’s “red line” fiasco in Syria “cost us significantly” by leading other nations to see America as weak.

The Russians aren’t even bothering to fly planes off the Kuznetsov
Looks like the Rooskies might be flying their carrier sorties from land bases.

Former aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious sails out of Portsmouth
Headed to the breakers. Always sad to see a proud ship go.

Web giants to cooperate on removal of extremist content
Murdoc can’t imagine this being used for anything questionable.

An Infidel’s Quick Guide to Islamic Sects
Here is a quick guide for “infidels” (non-Muslims) like me who would like to understand a little more about the beliefs of over 1 billion people.

Israel orders more F-35 warplanes from US
The first two planes are enroute right now. Israel will have a fleet of 50.

LCS Shock Trials Were Less Severe Than Navy Standard
The LCS program made sense when it was a specialized ship for particular missions. But the loss of the modularity and the way it’s morphing into a significant part of the naval force is quite disappointing.

VA Scandal: 4 Quit After OK Veteran Dies With Maggots in Wound
Stephen Green: “Abolish the VA and give vets vouchers for the private health coverage of their choice.