Carriers against ISIL

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and Charles de Gaulle in operation against ISIS

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and Charles de Gaulle in operation against ISIS


  1. A couple of questions:

    1) Why do the French put the island so far forward as compared to the US?

    2) How far away did the Ike have to be to make the de Galle look similar in size?

    1. 1) I am not sure specifically about this particular design, but one of the big considerations is that farther forward is advantageous for running/piloting the ship but is in the way for flight deck operations. The US designs have evolved far into the “airbases that float and move” territory from “ships that have airplanes”.

      2) LOL. Eisenhower 1,092 feet long, de Gaulle 858 feet. Eisenhower 101,600 tons displacement, de Gaulle 42,500 tons. Eisenhower operates ~90 planes, de Gaulle ~30-40.

      de Gaulle is more of a multi-purpose ship rather than a dedicated airbase. Carries marine force, etc. It’s the only nuclear-powered carrier outside the USN.

    2. I guess I’ve never thought about it but now that you mention it I think photos of US carriers operating with other navy carriers almost always are taken with the other ship in the foreground. Otherwise it looks like “USS Nimitz operating with a WW2 escort carrier.” “No, Jake, that’s the flagship of the French navy.”

      No disrespect (other than a general chuckle) intended, but it really does demonstrate the difference in priorities and capabilities these days.

      1. Here is an exception photo that shows a British, French and two US super carriers in proper proportions. The French carrier is definitely impressive when compared to the British and other helo type carriers. But the US carriers are clearly larger.

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