Carriers Carriers Carriers

Carriers Carriers Carriers

Carriers Carriers Carriers

This pic never gets old.


  1. Not counting the helo carriers, I count 5 super carriers. Hull numbers 75,72,65,77 and 69 are present. That’s about half our carrier force. Why would they all be tied up at the same port at the same time? Don’t show this photo to Congress when the Navy wants a budget increase.

    1. I remember when this pic first made the rounds and people were all worried about another Pearl Harbor. Does definitely seem like putting all the eggs in that one basket at the same time.

      Good call on not using the photo when claiming you need a few more carriers. LOL.

  2. According to, the pic was taken 20 DEC 2012.

    CVN-65 Enterprise – Officially inactivated 1 DEC 2012
    CVN-69 Eisenhower – Was in Arabian Sea Oct 2012, so likely a quick turnaround before heading back out.
    CVN-72 Lincoln – In Arabian Sea June 2012. See CVN-69
    CVN-75 Truman – No data
    CVN-77 GW Bush – Working up for X-47 UCAS tests.

    As for the Gator Freighters, I don’t have the time or inclination to research those.

  3. Also:

    Ike and Truman look like they could sail in a few hours. Lincoln & Bush are in for refits based on the deck clutter.

    1. I love the love/hate toward the LHD/LHAs. On the one hand it’s “I don’t have the time or inclination to research those” and on the other it’s ‘that amphibious assault ship is more aircraft carrier than most navies possess.’

  4. OK, OK.

    LHD-3 Kearsarge – Big gap in between 2008 and early 2013. Was doing sea trials in January 2013.
    LHD-5 Bataan – Hosted a college basketball game (Florida v. Georgetown) in November 2012. Next navsource data from December 2013.
    LHD-7 Iwo Jima – In the Med in November 2012, next data from March 2014.

    Can’t see numbers on the two LPD-17s in the pic, nor the LHD between Truman and Kearsarge, so no idea there. Looks like a bunch of DDG-51s in port as well.

    1. LOL this is awesome. First time hearing from Captain Ned in a while and he elects not to research the IDs of some ships. Murdoc thought you must be slipping. Captain Ned is usually all over that crap.

      Nice to see you’re still in top form.

  5. Strike part of the last comment, it looks like the last LHD is

    LHD-1 Wasp – Nothing between April 2012 and May 2015 beyond 2 pics of her at Newport during the time the main pic was taken. No comments on navsource as to what she was doing there at the time.

  6. Since we are now talking little carriers, why doesn’t the navy add the ski jump to these small carriers like most carrier navies around the world? And I am not just talking about navies with harriers. I’ve seen the Russians add ski jumps that enable non-catapult takeoffs by navalized Mig-29s and SU-33s. Wouldn’t it be cool to see USMC Hornets rolling off those ships? I suppose you’d have to have arresting gear to make this happen, but if the Russians can put conventional aircraft on small, ski jump carriers, I suppose the USMC could too.

    1. I think the F-35B will make the ramp approach unnecessary for the USN. Not convinced that the F-35B is actually worth it, but we are on that path now and I see no real point in changing approaches.

      If there was no F-35B coming and the Marines were going to be stuck with Harrier for the foreseeable future, it would be a lot different.

      The first two America-class (Flight 0) LHAs are really more light carrier than amphibious assault ship due to no well deck and enlarged flight facilities. I like the design, but I can see why the Marines are not thrilled. Flight 1 ships (third ship and on) will have well decks.

      1. All of the LHA/LHD classes aren’t much more than an Esxex-class carrier with a hole in the stern.

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