Friday Linkzookery — 13 Jan 2017

Friday The 13th Uncut
The one that started it all.

Air Force’s Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Wings by 600 Days in Orbit
Murdoc hopes it’s doing some shady stuff up there. Why even have a secret space plane if it’s not going to do some shady stuff up there? I mean, really.

Now you can own an M249 Para
Sorry, kids. Semi-auto only. But depending on who you ask, it’s full-auto scary-looking weapon of mass destruction. “Who *needs* a gun that looks so assaulty?”

Cop Gives Man a $128 Ticket for Starting Car, Leaving It Running in His Own Driveway
In Michigan. This isn’t the first time Murdoc’s heard about this, and it remains as ridiculous as ever.

Of Class and Classes
If you want to help poor kids get ahead, then you need to support school choice.

Michigan Charter School Backed by DeVos Growing
West Michigan Aviation Academy is a nonprofit charter school has grown from 80 students in rundown office space at Gerald R. Ford International Airport to its own building with 600 students from seven counties.

Fracking Protesters Are Putin Puppets
The much anticipated intelligence report which concluded that Russia tried to influence the recent presidential election had another startling, yet widely ignored, conclusion: The Russian government promotes anti-fracking propaganda in the United States.

An Asteroid Just Barely Missed Earth, Flying Closer Than the Moon
An asteroid between 16 and 34 meters in diameter (36 and 112 feet) flew by the Earth this morning, about twice as close to our home planet as the moon. The asteroid, named 2017 AG13, was only discovered on Saturday, January 7, by the Catalina Sky Survey, according to space and weather publication The Watchers. It made it’s closest approach at about 7:50 a.m. EST, according to JPL data.

Bizarre Paintings Of Mecha Robots And Werewolves Attacking East European Peasants Of The Early 20th Century
These are awesome.

Indiana thinking about adding fees just for plug-in vehicles
When you conserve enough to hit tax revenue, they start taxing the conservers.

Outlaws and Peace Officers: Memoirs of Crime and Punishment in the Old West
Wild days

Fake Hate: Black Teenage Girl Cited for Sending Out Racist, Threatening Tweets
These people are going to undo all of the care. If they haven’t already.