Battlewagon Wednesday — Puget Sound 1937

Found this awesome pic on Reddit:

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard 1937

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard 1937

Left to right:
USS Lexington (CV-2)
Colorado-class BB
Tennessee-class BB
New Mexico-class BB
Either a Colorado or a Tennessee-class BB

The Lex still had her four twin 8″/55cal gun turrets. They were not removed until early 1942.


  1. Right-side astern is a Colorado based on the shape of the fighting tops and that it looks to have twins instead of triples.

  2. “four twin 8″/55cal gun turrets. ”

    Shoot, that’s like a little battleship in of itself in addition to her carrier duties.

    For the record I like the large, elongated smokestacks or whatever they are on the Lexington and Saratoga that are immediately behind the island. They give these ships a very distinctive look.

    1. And surprisingly enough, due to their genesis as BCs, Lex & Sara were armored against 8″ shellfire, with a main belt between 5″-7″ and transverse bulkheads of the same.

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