Battlewagon Wednesday — 11 Oct 2017

USS Tennessee (BB-43) in the foreground and USS California (BB-44) in drydock. 1946.

Photo taken from Bldg. 620 of Drydock # 5 at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.
The Tennessee (BB-43) in the foreground and the fore section of the California (BB-44) outboard at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard sometime after 8 May 1946. Note that they are both still flying their ensigns and jacks, so both are still in commission.
The South Dakota (BB-57) is in the left background. Across the pier past the California are two 4-stack cruisers of the Omaha class. Stripping is apparently underway on the CLs, with at least one smokestack (on the nearest — inboard — ship) removed. Some of the stacks on the outboard ship are hidden behind those of the inboard ship.
It appears that the cruisers might be painted in measure MS-21 camouflage, but only two appear to have ended the war in this pattern: Detroit (CL-8) and Trenton (CL-11).
Also in the background is the former Olympia (ex-C-6) (IX-40).
Notice the flatcar going to the storage yards on other side of the lift bridge to Bldg. 750. It is full of single barrel 20mm A.A. mounts is in the foreground on the train/trolley tracks.

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