How that moron keeps winning

Murdoc has been on the mark with most of his predictions about Donald Trump since the first GOP dbate. You know, the big game show one where all 347 contestants or whatever all lined up and blah blah blah.

The people who told me he’d never get very far were wrong. Those same people told me he’d never get the nomination and were also wrong. They then told me he’d never win…and were obviously wrong. Almost everything they’ve told me about him since the election has been wrong, too. I keep trying to point this out but they simply will not listen.

Here is what we are seeing:

Donald Trump doesn’t play three-dimensional chess, as his supporters insist. Sometimes, even the rules of checkers seem to elude him. But he has an instinctive cunning and a grasp of a nationalistic cultural politics that shouldn’t be underestimated by his opponents, even though it almost always is.

For a moron, as he’s called by his opponents and I sometimes think he might be, the President sure wins at a lot of stuff.

For the record, Murdoc has a nit to pick with this bit:

Trump’s intervention in the kneeling issue was needlessly inflammatory. He shouldn’t have called protesting players “sons of bitches” and mused about firing them—there’s no reason for the president of the United States to sound like the loudest guy down at the end of the bar.

Murdoc doesn’t think it was “needlessly inflammatory.” He thinks it was “intentionally inflammatory.” Trump is poking the media and his opponents with a stick. He’s jerking their chain. He’s driving the moonbats to bark even louder. And in the process he’s getting them to destroy themselves. The media and the celebrity corps have fallen all over themselves to write all sorts of stuff that is not true and will be used tomorrow or next week or in the 2020 presidential campaign to undermine their credibility.

If Trump had been “more Presidential” about the kneeling issue, would the NFL have backed down? Would it have been better to be nicer and lost?

For the record, Murdoc suspects that this is the same strategy being used against the Norks.

UPDATE: Here is a bit more from the article:

Since no NFL players were going to be fired, the fundamental issue was never going to be Trump’s lurid overstatement. Instead, the overstatement acted as a neon advertisement for his commonsensical underlying point, namely that players should stand during the national anthem. And it baited the NFL into fighting him on indefensible ground.

There were all sorts of unobjectionable means available for players to take a stand of defiance toward Trump, but they allowed themselves to, in effect, get double-dared into disrespecting the flag.

The perils here should have been obvious.

The perils should have been obvious, but so should Hillary’s weakness as a Presidential candidate. And the Left and the media (but I repeat myself) just totally missed that completely, too.

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