Graveyard of the Elephants

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Found in the extensive photo galleries on Stryker Brigade News. It’s a graveyard of Iraqi equipment. The two elephants front and center appear to be French-built AUF-1 155mm self-propelled artillery. Yes, FRENCH-built. I spent quite a bit of time going through Russian and Chinese vehicles trying to match this up, but this isn’t one of them. It’s a frog.

Remember, France sold about 13 times as much weaponry to Iraq as the United States did.

I like the look of these French guns. Just like they are. Just where they are.

(And if anyone wants to send me more info on this location, don’t be shy.)

UPDATE: A reader forwards the link to the FAS page on the AUF-1. Thanks.


  1. Saddam’s toys all had made in China, USSR & France on them. Most of the tiny % US money and sales compared to everyone else; went towards intel, A few VERY outdated tanks,some missile systems (guidance and tracking stuff), and technial equipment (some radar and com. gear). That’s why one doesn’t see any easily identifible US equipment. There was so little, and what was sold wasn’t big ticket, high volume stuff. It’s like finding the one made in Tiawan sticker on the stero in a German built car.

  2. Why do you think the Frogs were so against the war? They wanted Saddam in power so they could perpetuate his reign of atrocities so that he would need more weapons to keep the Iraqi citizenry scared of, so he could commit more atrocities, so he’d need more weapons, so he could commit more atrocities,……….

  3. I was with C Battery, 2/1 FA in Desert Storm. My unit acquired an Iraqi M-109 during the ground war (I can’t remember how we got it). It was hit with 50 cal rounds. We drove it back to Saudi Arabia with us and I don’t know what happened to it.

  4. Wow, SGTRedLeg. That’s something. When you say ‘acquired’, do you mean you added it to your unit? As in actually used it? Was it an older model? Tell me more if you can. Comment or email. (The link is on the main page).