This is not satire

The U.S. knew about the tsunami

A reader sends me this link and a screenshot:

The sad thing is that many who read this headline will just shake their head and tell themselves they knew it all along.

As I’ve mentioned before, I wish we knew and influenced things even one-tenth as much as our critics claim.


  1. This made me laugh, but in a sad way. I seriously cannot believe that aljazeera actually wrote this! No matter who knew that this was going to happen there simply is no network that exists that could work so fast as to warn people, at least not in that part of the world. Hence the problem is not because of the US (unless Aljazeera wish to say that the US should have control of and implement networks all round the world :P )but whoever decided not to invest in a network that would work fast enough. What this site does not mention that the tsunami travels at speeds of some 400mph(i think i heard that somewhere, someone may wish to check this), so I really do not understand what the message is.. unless it is so unbelievably blatently anti-American, which is the only conclusion i can see. I really dislike Aljazeera with a passion.

  2. Not sure if this is a misquote or what but the guy filling in for Sean Hannity said today we knew about it in advance (after the quake but before the wave hit) and tried to warn them but there wasn’t enough time. Don’t know.

  3. Oh, I’m pretty sure we just let that tsunami hit. We’re such a bunch of murderous bastiches that we probably even caused it. That’s sarcasm for Torcik. He probably actually thinks this stuff in Aljazeera is true. We might have known through our seismic monitor that there was a big quake, and a big wave, but there’s no way we could’ve warned all of those people. What I wouldn’t give for an anti-Aljezeera. So what were we supposed to do? The wall of water that was the wave-front was moving at better than 300 MPH, were we supposed to have everybody in Sri Lanka’s phone # so we could call them all, and ask them to ‘step away from the ocean’?

  4. Alot of Sri Lankans and Indians still don’t have phones, radios or TVs; especially with the Tamil rebellion going on. A Wall Street Journal article mentioned that a small number of nations detected the quake as it happened, Japan but seemingly didn’t do anything. Seismologists certainly emailed their counterparts around the world, but beachgoers even if they were seismologists likely weren’t checking their email. In a few lucky cases, radio stations were called to announce the tsunami. Many government officials were called, but often only a message machine was available. For those government officials who did answer, they would begin to crawl through a forest of red tape on a holiday weekend. A bad situation all around. The U.S. AFAICT is blameless.

  5. This is a stupid post. This title of the article is true. If somebody chooses not to read the entire article, and fill the the rest of the story. So be it. Go the read the article, it is suprisingly accurate.

  6. G: What’s funny is the headline and the impression that it will give most people who see it. First off, most typical readers of will be pre-disposed to think the worst about the US. Secondly, from what I gather it wasn’t just the US that knew what it knew when it knew it. Why isn’t the headline ‘Other nations knew about the tsunami’? So while you’re correct that reading the article itself would give factual info, many won’t follow the link and singling out the US to be on the headline isn’t terribly responsible. So I guess I think you’re wrong when you say that this post is ‘stupid’.