Tsunami video roundup

Blogging continues to be light. A reader wondered where to get the videos of the Tsunami, and I discovered this page on Waxy.org which seems to be a gathering spot.

For all I know this has been pointed out a zillion times already, but I’m suffering from vacation-lag so give me a break.

UPDATE: Wizbang also has a compilation and points out Cheese & Crackers who has burst onto the scene with this story. Seems to be a bandwidth issue across the blogosphere. I haven’t been contributing to it, though.

UPDATE: More MO on the Tsunami here and here.

UPDATE: And a pic of US aid here.

UPDATE: An MO-made video of US aid to the region is available here.


  1. here are more Tsunami Video Clips from Good at Life (same as JL’s): http://goodatlife.blogspot.com There is a donation link for the red cross too

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