Gas Prices by County

One of the coolest things around is Here’s their current US price temperature map:

Gas Prices by County Map

By way of comparison, here’s a map from the AP showing state-by-state gasoline tax (including federal tax):

Gas Tax by State Map

There is some noticeable correlation between the two maps. The red (higher tax) states on the tax map tend to be orange or yellow (higher price) on the price map. Blue states (lower tax) on the tax map tend to be green states (lower price) on the price map. But it isn’t absolute. For instance, Arizona and New Mexico have lower taxes but higher relative prices. The same goes for Vermont and New Hampshire. On the flip side, Michigan seems to be the only state with higher taxes and lower prices right now. For which Murdoc is thankful.

Compare this price map to two previous versions posted on MO, one from June 2007 and one from November 2006. Note that the price range varies over time and green in 2006 is not the same as green in 2008.

Meanwhile: Venezuela’s Chavez calls for fix oil price

CARACAS, Venezuela, Nov. 25 (UPI) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said crude oil prices should be set at a fixed price in the wake of recent oil price decreases.

Chavez said that prices should be set between $80 and $100 a barrel, El Universal reported Tuesday. Prices closed Monday at less than $54 a barrel.

Chavez said that price fixing would stabilize the market and prevent the sharp spikes and declines in the petroleum market that marked the last year.

Especially the declines is what he’s thinking, I’d guess. Oil is currently uner $51, and the head of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation thinks it will go down to $40.

I would have never guessed it would drop this far. I doubt it’s going to stay for long.

I wonder if we’ll see an effort to push through gas tax increases while prices are down in an effort to get rate hikes in while they don’t seem so bad.


  1. I doubt the Feds will hike taxes. Obama will kill all new domestic drilling – which is why you are right, prices won’t stay low for long.

  2. I thought minnesota was the lowest among all the states, Oklahoma and Missouri are aome lucky bastards

  3. I wouldn’t believe everything gasbuddy tells you. I live in Eagle county CO. and the price they’ve given ($1.76-$1.85) is about $.45 cheaper than the reality on the ground.

  4. Brass: It looks like the problem there is that I see no prices entered for the past 48 hours between Frisco and Palisade anywhere along I-70. Not a single one.

    It’s dependent on users updating prices, so areas with lower populations won’t have as many (or any) users and won’t be updated nearly as often.

    I have never checked any of the gas stations along my regular commute route and found them to be out of date.

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