Whither, Oriskany?

Decision at least month away on where to sink old carrier

oriskany.gifThe USS Oriskany, veteran of Korea and Vietnam, is going to be sunk as an artificial reef somewhere. The decision on where she’ll go has yet to be made. The 888 foot-long Essex-class carrier will be the largest ship ever purposefully sunk as an artificial reef. Depending where and how deep, I imagine that she will also become a favorite target for sport divers. Four spots are under consideration, three in the Gulf of Mexico and one on the Atlantic coast of Georgia and South Carolina.

The Oriskany was laid down in 1944 and launched in 1945, but she wasn’t completed or commissioned until 1950 after fighting broke out on the Korean penninsula. She incorporated many new design features that had been worked out during and after WW2.

It always makes me a little sad to see these veterans go. But I guess an artificial reef is a better fate than the breakers.

For some good personal sites about the Oriskany, including tons of good photos, check out THE USS ORISKANY – MEMORIES OF VIETNAM and In a class by herself….