Strategy Page had a post about the new Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) on Monday.

I came across the CROWS while searching for info on the Stryker’s Remote Weapons Station for a post last month. The CROWS seems to be superior to the Stryker’s system, as weapons can be easily changed out by the troops and, most importantly, since it is stabilized. That means that the weapons can be fired accurately while the vehicle is moving. Like the Stryker’s system, the CROWS mounts a number of visual and infrared cameras, laser rangefinders, and other targeting electronics.

The initial use of the CROWS is going to be on Humvees. According to Strategy Page

CROWS was originally scheduled to enter service in 2006. But it has been doing so well in testing, that four systems were sent to Iraq and mounted on armored hummers. After six weeks of use, the four CROWS systems had suffered no failures, performed as they were designed to and the troops using them didn’t want to give them up.

For a four minute promotional video of the CROWS, visit the Recon/Optical, Inc. site. The video is available in a number of formats and sizes.

For detailed info and test results from 2002, check out this National Defense Industrial Association PDF file.


  1. The CROWS is a valuable asset to commanders planning a mission and the troops conducting the mission. The capabilities are unmatched with current systems availiable. ROI has hit a home run.