“I admire it’s purity. A survivor. Unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.”

Ash Wednesday


This is sort of a weird thing to mark on the calendar. Am I missing something?

UPDATE: I meant no blasphemy by this. What I did mean to do was to contrast the significance of today’s holy Day of Ashes with the Ian Holm character Ash from the film Alien.

Why an ash cross on the forehead on the real Ash Wednesday?

Because in the Bible a mark on the forehead is a symbol of a person’s ownership. By having their foreheads marked with the sign of a cross, this symbolizes that the person belongs to Jesus Christ, who died on a Cross.

This is in imitation of the spiritual mark or seal that is put on a Christian in baptism, when he is delivered from slavery to sin and the devil and made a slave of righteousness and Christ (Rom. 6:3-18).

The android Ash, the faceless Company that implanted him into the crew of the Nostromo, and the Alien creature that implants a killing, remorseless beast into a living host are all more or less equivalent. You do not to be some terrifying Star Beast to be a monster. We have enough monsters down here already, thank-you very much.

Everything that Ash admires about the Alien, and everything that he and his Company stand for, represent the worst in life. And the Company, the pure logic android, and the single-minded Alien all exist today. Here. Someone needs to blow them out the airlock. Surely, you don’t need to be a Believer to see that.