Another M14 sharpshooter


Here’s another infantryman with an M14. This time it’s in Afghanistan, with a soldier in the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment (I think – all the other Army pics with ID are of the 501 PIR).

Please refer to my previous posts about this subject here and here.

If the 5.56mm NATO round is sufficient, why isn’t this soldier using an M16? He isn’t, and I think that indicates that the 5.56 just doesn’t cut it. I realize that sharpshooter types have different responsibilities than regular troopers, but the advantage of the 7.62 must be pretty significant if we’re seeing it with the Strykers, with the 101st, and in Afghanistan.

I’m just saying.


  1. Murdoc, I know what you think about the new M8, but what’s your take on the OICW?

  2. Short Version: Good idea but ahead of its time. Too heavy and too expensive with what’s available today. Should be ready before the Marines have to take on the Aliens. Long Version: I want to post on this in the near future. Need to do more research.

  3. It is a 501st soldier. Compare the patch on the shoulder…

  4. I was a Marine in Desert Storm. Our M-16s had neither the range nor the reliability needed to fight in the sand. A few Marines in my unit were able to talk the armory into issuing them M-14s that were still laying around. (I think they were actually there to be used for funerals and other ceremonies.) Much better weapon. Given the opprotunity, I would have traded my M-16 in for one in a heartbeat. The Navy still has a lot of M-14’s also – they never really adopted the M-16.

  5. During my 2 hauls in the Navy, I got t o spend allot of time with the ’14 and fell in love with its accuracy and firepower- at the PI training range, ‘in the black’ at 300M was no problem.. full auto (for me) was uncontrollable though. Liked the weapon so much I am now a proud owner of a SA M1-A, which I mounted a rail and a 40mm 6-24 scope on – KICKAZZ!!