Sliding stock for XM8 compact carbine

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xm8ccbutt.jpgA reader forwarded me this. An adjustable stock will apparently be offered for the compact carbine configuration of the XM8. Previous information indicated that a simple buttcap only (at right) would be available. (See this post for images of all models for comparison.)

As the reader commented in his message

I feel a little better about the shortest version now, it seems a better fit for rear echelon folks to tote around. I have personal experience with the MP5K and while it is more capable than people give it credit for (especially with practice, you really don’t need the shoulder strap if both of your arms are free and unencumbered) that is not the sort of skill level we can expect from the truck drivers and road builders and every other kind of rear echelon soldier.

This is a spot-on observation. I commented at the time that special forces and urban CQB fighters would probably have uses for the ultra-short submachinegun-like compact carbine, but the majority of these little things would probably be issued to vehicle crews and support personnel for self-defense. The sliding adjustable stock will make the weapon much more usable for the typical tank crewman or supply clerk.

The datasheet I snagged the image from indicates that the length of the compact carbine with buttcap is 21.1″. The length of the compact carbine with the sliding stock is 26.8″-29.8″. So apparently the butt doesn’t slide the entire length of the rod it’s mounted on. The length of the baseline carbine with stock fully in is 30.3″. By comparison, the MP5K (the super-short version of the HK MP5) is 12.7″.

The sender notes that he found the link on and that the image comes right from an HK release. Good stuff, and much appreciated.

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