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Odds and ends that I meant to write more extensively about but won’t have time:

Michael Williams: Kerry Continues to Neglect Current Job

Bob Dole resigned from his seat in June of 1996 when he ran for President. It’s June, 2004 — when will John Kerry resign from the Senate out of fairness to the voters of Massachusetts who elected him to represent them? (Hint: Never, because Massachusetts has a Republican governor who would appoint Kerry’s replacement.)

At least NOT VOTING will keep you from having to defend a vote against money for the troops. There’s the strategy of a winner.

Hobbs Online: Do the Math: Bush Economy is Booming

At the current rate of job creation, 238,000 per month so far this year, the Bush economy would create only 11.424 million jobs over four years. That’s fewer than the 10 million Kerry’s policies would create in his first term.

While an economy consists of more than just jobs, the Dems have to be seating over this AWFUL employment situation.

All Agitprop: Hmmm…

Paul notices that the USAF order for F22 fighters, already down to 381 planes, has been reduced to 290. The comments section is full of good stuff.

Andrew Olmsted: Another Stop-Loss

The bottom line is simple. Units only have a limited amount of time to train before going into theater. If wholesale replacements are made just prior to deployment, less time will be available for more theater-specific training. This policy is certainly a difficult one for soldiers, but it is a logical one to protect units, and it may well help reduce the number of casualties the units suffer. As I said above, I would prefer it if the Army would be more direct in telling enlistees that their service can legally be extended beyond the length of their contracts in time of war, but whether they do or not doesn’t affect the logic of this decision.

John Kerry has been calling Stop Loss a “backdoor draft”. He seems to be conveniently forgetting that the loss of the most experienced troops just at the time of deployment was a major problem in Vietnam. As much as he wants to make it so, Iraq isn’t Vietnam.

Intel Dump: Changing America’s Global Footprint

Michael Gordon reports in Thursday’s New York Times that the Pentagon has plans to remove its two combat divisions from Germany after the end of their current tours in Iraq. These two divisions, including roughly 40,000 organic personnel and up to double that number in echelon-above-division support personnel, will be permanently restationed in the United States. (Note: buy property near whatever bases they’re being moved to.)

The two divisions being pulled from Germany are the 1st Infantry and the 1st Armored. I’ve been meaning to write about this subject for quite some time. I still will, don’t you worry. But in the mean time, Phil Carter’s analysis is beyond excellent.

Blackfive: The Sixtieth Anniversary of D-Day

Da-Da-Da Dum! Blackfive and Miliblogs are trying to collect links to as many of the best D-Day-related posts as they can. It’s truly incredible, and it will continue to grow.

And here are some true oddballs:

A Coke is a pop is a soda
A truly incredible map, county by county, of what Americans call that fizzy stuff. (via Army of One)

Harrap’s Rat-English Dictionary
No, not for talking to DemocRATS. (via J-Walk)

Ant City
Truly awful. Horrible. A friend called me a “bad person” for forwarding the link. Check it out. (also via J-Walk)

Kerry: Bush Lacks Proof of CIA Director’s Resignation
Moore Film Captures French, Arab Awards

Selling Son’s Beloved Play Station 2 For Punishment!
eBaying to try and cover the cost of a bottle of Dom.

I might post over the next couple of days. I might not.

Have a weekend.


  1. Hey, thanks for the link. Good point about not having to defend a vote later on, I hadn’t thought of that.

  2. Since nobody’s yet mentioned it, I have to commend the Ant City link as truly disturbed, yet truly interesting. If you hang around long enough, you can get the tanker truck, with truly spectacular results. And remember, it’s only a game, fer cryin’ out loud.