Photos from the politically-motivated pause in operations

I’m sure these members of the 2-5 Marines were glad to read about the fact that offensive operations would be pretty much on hold until after the elections.

All pics were taken within the last few days in Ramadi. From Frontline Photos of 10/27/04 and 10/28/04. (Click each for a (slightly) larger version.)


UPDATE: Meanwhile, up the road: U.S. prepares for big assault on Fallujah. The money quote:

If we do so, it will be decisive and we will whack them.

Of course, since this will probably take place later next week at the earliest, the media will cry “See? They waited until AFTER the election!” But the fact that it will be “after the election” that Bush just won will make it all okay.

Iraqi forces will participate in the operation if it goes forward.

Bonus: Another 2-5 Marines photo from the MSNBC story: