Shooting the wounded Iraqi insurgent

Killing on the Battlefield

Michael Williams shares his thoughts on this issue. I haven’t written about it since I haven’t seen the video. If it really went down like this description, I’ve got to think that our guy wasn’t out of line.

This is war, and if the wounded guy was faking death he’s got to be treated as a threat. In any event, we’re investigating the incident.

UPDATE: A commenter on Wizbang reports that comments on Kevin Sites’ page (the original source of the story) are being deleted if they are supportive of the Marine’s actions. Nice.

It doesn’t sound like this guy was trying to surrender. If not, he’s fair game. Nice or not, them’s the rules.

UPDATE 2: Wow. This story is getting more coverage than I would have ever expected. The only thing worse than this that I can even imagine is if the Marine, instead of shooting the guy, had gone and put a pair of panties on the guy’s head.


Anyway, Expat Yank has a great post on this type of thing in the context of warfare. I’m glad everyone else is writing about it, because I’m pretty sure it would make my head hurt if I tried it myself.


  1. Regarding this story: The Europhiles are having a field day with this story. Irish T.V. (RTE) is playing the video (sans gory part) over and over. They are aluding the Marine is a ‘cold blooded, premeditated murderer’. Of course, if you haven’t heard the Irish are about 80% anti-Bush & Anti-America. WHY? They’ve bought into the European Union propaganda. America’s the world’s Bully and American’s are blood thirsty murders. EXCEPT, When it comes to real killers killing innocent people. Then they make them icons: ‘THE IRISH INDEPENDENT’NEWSPAPER /NOV. 16, 2004 STORY TITLE:’Memorial to killer angers U.S.’ AMERICAN death penalty supporters have expressed ‘deep reservations’ about a proposed memorial service and plaque in an Irish cemetery for executed Texas killer, Robert Brice Morrow. Morrow, who was put to death earlier this month in Huntsville Prison in Texas, struck up a close friendship with an unnamed Cork pen-pal over his eight years on death row. His last wish was to have his ashes scattered in Cork. Plans are afoot to scatter the Texan killer’s ashes in Kilmurray cemetery and to erect a special memorial plaque to him on the cemetery wall. However, the proposal has been greeted with anger and concern by death penalty supporters in the United States – who said that brutal killers should not be commemorated. THINK ABOUT THIS NEXT ST. PADDY’S DAY!

  2. I hope I get to execute a sleeping US marine someday.. HES FAKING HES FUCKING FAKING *BANG* man that would be fun.

  3. Attn Marines: ‘Mike’ in the comment above has an IP address that registers as Santa Barbara, CA. Within a couple hours of Twentyninepalms. If you happen to meet Mike from Santa Barbara, well, there you go. Not all Americans are Americans.

  4. In reference to the comment Mike from Santa Barbara made in regards to shooting a sleeping US Marine… I have to assume that you know something about what happened that no one else does to warrant a comment like that. If so, please enlighten us all with your wisdom and provide an articulate reponse like I know you can’t. Jackass! Sgt Meengs, USMC OIF, IRAQ, 1/03-7/03

  5. Hey Mike, If you’re such a man, put your address after an assenine post like that. These guys are handing you your freedoms everyday on a golden platter, and you treat them like that? I hope a pack of angry marines does show up at your door you piece of shit. Devil-dogs, sounds like an offense worthy of some wall to wall counseling. And Mike, the soldier in question definetely had some issues w/ the Iraqis in question. The day before, he’d been shot in the face by one. That same day, he’d seen one of his friends blown up and killed by a boobytrapped Iraqi body. Maybe he was a little over the edge. Doesn’t make it right, but it does show the extenuating circumstances that could make a man (note: not a pussy peace activist) a little unbalanced. Hold your tongue asshole.

  6. I stillnot willing to jump to a conclusion that the GI (Marine) in questionmurdered the wounded guy on the floor. The camera only shows what IT can see and hear. From the GI’s perspective there may have been a grenade or other weapon the camera couldn’t see, and/or the wounded guy may have made a threat indicating intent to further use deadly force (Die Yankee Pig! etc.) Even some of you who support the Marine seem to be assuming he just blasted the guy unjustly. I don’t see that…..if he was really as blood thisty as some think… seems he would have just started shooting when he entered the room. PS: To Mike, your comment indicates you’ve successfully combined the worst attributes of an idiot with an asshole. Congratulations, you’re now qualified for a senior position in management, the legal profession, politics, or Islamic Jihad! OK, that was uncalled for, if I offended anyone in management (BTW I was in it for 9yrs, the law, or politics I apologise in advance, I was just dogging that idiot Mike! You guys in IJ can just ESAD!