WA Recount Spreadsheet

Click the logo to download the magic spreadsheet (119KB). My smarter brother has redone his sheet to cover the recount of the Washington governor’s race. Counties will not report anything until that entire county has been recounted, so instead of trickling in the votes will appear in chunks. Otherwise, the spreadsheet works as before to tabulate votes (re)counted and to project the final tally based upon county-by-county percentages.

Of particular note is the “Change since first count” on the right, which reflects the change in the recounted totals from the original results in the counties recounted so far. I think this is the number everyone will be watching.

The recount begins Saturday. Assuming that some of the smaller counties complete their recounts, we should begin to see results quickly. The entire recount is supposed to be done by Wednesday, but we all know how recounts go.

As before, download the sheet, enable automatic data refresh, and watch this amazing race unfold.

(And despite an outpouring of public sentiment, this spreadsheet still doesn’t work on Visicalc.)

If you notice any problems, let me know. My smarter brother is actually traveling and will basically miss the whole thing, but he said he might be able to walk his less-smart sibling through some changes if necessary.

Again, no warranty is expressed or implied. No refunds will be given. If bad exit-polling data makes its way into the spreadsheet, it will be quite bizarre but will not entitle you to anything. Your mileage may vary.

UPDATE: Since not everyone will be willing or able to download and watch this using the spreadsheet, I will post a screenshot here from time to time. The time of the data refresh will be on the sheet.

(Click for closer look)

I encourage everyone who wants to watch this to download the spreadsheet.

UPDATE 11/23: The spreadsheet is broken. My brother, the smart guy who designed it, is on vacation and won’t get to look at it until at least tomorrow morning. I apologize for the trouble.

The problem is actually that WA.gov changed their recount page to display the information we were calculating on this sheet. When the spreadsheet queries the data, the numbers aren’t where they used to be and the results are gibberish. I’m actually going to delete the bad version from my site to keep it from spreading around even more than it has.

How embarrassing.

Again, I apologize. Check back tomorrow for an updated version.

UPDATE 11/24/04: It works again. Kudos to my smarter brother who modified this while on his vacation. Ah, the joys of trying to most software…


  1. Can he figure in a macro that’ll take into consideration that in King County there are unused and blank ballots being stored in the same room as the ballots that are to be counted and the people doing the county are Dems?