Give me a freaking break

I had seen the photo of the supposedly-captured US soldier and thought it looked unconvincing. Without spending more than about ten seconds, I thought the head looked pasted in and that the M4 pointed at his head didn’t even look REAL let alone bothering to ask why the bad guys were using an M4. (I thought perhaps they were using the prisoner’s own weapon, assuming the photo was legit.)

Since time is tight today, I decided to wait until more info came in.

But I was sitting here waiting for something to process when I decided that I’d quick post the photo on MO and mention my skepticism. Upon returning for the pic, it seems that there have been, ummm, certain developments since I last looked. Amazing developments.

Well, you’ve just got to go look for yourself. Really. Words fail me.

Go look now.

UPDATE: Now they’re waiting to see if Legacy Media will catch on…


  1. Oh man! Is that flick Photoshopped or what!? When it came up on my comp it went WAY beyond LOL! Shoot, I was laughing for a couple minutes it’s so fake. Well………maybe it is real; they just didn’t like the looks of the guy they captured so they substituted a head from a more photogenic dude! LOL!

  2. I don’t know. Just to be safe we should execute all prisoners caught from this date forward until they return our POW. Never can be too safe.