Muslims against terror


egyptianprotest.jpgI’ve railed on about how the media needs to pay more attention when Muslims protest terror. When they’re protesting US military forces or Koran flushing that didn’t happen it’s front page news, but when they demonstrate against our enemies we don’t see or hear a peep.

Why is that? The only theory I heard when I asked that question after noting candlight vigils in Bahrain and Jordan was that the Bush-controlled media wanted to keep Americans scared of all Muslims to keep support for Bush’s war high. Which is stupid.

So what is it? Why aren’t we seeing and hearing about this? Isn’t this what we want? Isn’t this good news? Isn’t this a signal that all isn’t lost? Doesn’t this help show that there’s hope?

There’s no excuse for this. None at all.

Glen Reynolds notes this in his MSNBC column:

What’s depressing is how little attention these demonstrations got from the media (you’ll notice that most of the links above are to blog reports, not news stories). If any of these groups had blown something up — or even just burned President Bush in effigy — they probably would have made the evening news. But when Arabs and Muslims defy news-media typecasting, they seem to be ignored.

If the press wanted to help put an end to terrorism, it would cover these stories — which ought to have the requisite “man bites dog” flavor compared to its usual offerings — instead of largely ignoring them. Why doesn’t it? Stereotyping Arabs and Muslims as anti-American and pro-terrorist seems a bit, well, racist, the sort of racial profiling that journalists decry when it’s done by others.

So why the lack of coverage? Good question. At least, thanks to blogs, the story can get out on its own.

Legacy Media is really dropping it on this one.