Some future Iraqi leaders, if I’m not mistaken

Scouting Program Grows in Iraqi Community


Scouting is a great thing.

The Hasar Kashafa consists of three co-ed scouting groups – Tigers (8-11 year olds), Lightning (12-14 year olds) and Eagles (15-18 year olds). The groups meet weekly and have 110-120 regular participants.

I’m certainly proud of my Scout and his pack.


  1. While I’m all for the growth of scouting, I am disturbed to see that anyone who turns 15 automatically becomes an Eagle Scout.

  2. Well, I’m taking it to be that ‘Eagles’ in this scouting program are not the same as ‘Eagle Scouts’ in the BSA. Just a group designation. Or are you just messing with me? It’s always hard to tell with you…

  3. Not messing with you. At least, not much. I figured as much, but as an actual Eagle Scout, it did seem a little odd, and not quite right.