Possibly a major turning point?

Lexington Green:

The French leadership is now grasping for a “Plan B”.

Faster, please, gentlemen. It will be bad for all of us if you don’t get a grip on this thing. Soon.

No schadenfreude, no jeering at the French for all their many faults. This is too serious for that.

I guess I’m unsure of what I think about the goings-on in France. I believe it’s far bigger than many seem to think, but at the same time I’m not at all certain that this really is the beginning of a new phase in the flow of events. No doubt it will be long-remembered. But I guess I’m not ready to assign it a grade of ‘Major Historical Shift’ at this point. We won’t know for quite some time whether history is truly being made, even if this is a turning point.

I believe things need to come to a head. But the streets of Paris are not the venue I’d choose. Let’s hope and pray that they can pull this thing back from the brink.

UPDATE: Michael Willaims writes: Here Comes the Sixth Republic!

While that may technically qualify as “jeering”, it also serves to remind us that upheaval of French society and government isn’t all that unusual.


  1. How about throw anyone out of order in jail, and if they’re not citizens, deport them? (Maybe even consider stripping citizenship if they’ve done particularly bad things) Don’t tell me that wouldn’t be the response to random looting, rioting and property destruction. Order must be maintained. That’s part of how our society operates. Welcome to our society. Stay in line like the rest of us or pay the penalties.

  2. OK, I guess they are making some arrests, although I wonder if they’re trying very hard. This may be a lot more complex than it seems, this article seems interesting: http://www.uncorrelated.com/archives/2005/11/9_days_so_far.html

  3. I’ve been keeping tally, and while I may be off by a thousand or two, to date the Barbarians have torched 32,000 cars. As ugly and dysfunctional as French cars are, their owners don’t deserve that. GWB said soon after 9-11 ‘Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists’. France chose to oppose us, and is now paying the price for thawing in with Evil. If this continues for another couple weeks a milestone could be at the doorstep. France has nukes. This has reached the point where the terrorists are certainly including their acquisition in their near future plans. With 20% of the military now Muslim, from a distance, it looks doable to me. It would only take one or two in positions of trust to pilfer something that would have enormous value, even if they didn’t know how to ‘unlock’ it. France, in spite of it’s reputation for waving the white flag, has had it’s moments of common sense brutality against mortal enemies. I hope they have the good sense to use it now.

  4. Anyone looking for an Al-Qida in Europe connection – levels of organization seem to be a bit better than your average gang violence? Possible reason for no spectacular violence: Spectacular events = major military intelligence crackdown – the longer agitators leave it as a law enforcement problem, the more destabilized France gets. A destabilized France = a destabilized Europe. Last time we had a destabilized Europe we got the Second World War. Paradigm shift time, folks! Time to dust off Grandpa’s map of Europe!