Randy Cunningham, Flying Ace

I’ve been trying to formulate what I think of the Cunningham disgrace into a post. Michael Williams does says exactly what I wanted to say, only better, so I’ll quote a bit here:

Despite recently admitting that he accepted bribes and resigning from Congress in disgrace, it’s worth remembering that more than 30 years ago Randy Cunningham was an ace fighter pilot who put his life repeatedly on the line for his country.


A man can redeem himself from past disgraceful acts by doing good later in life, but disgraceful acts later in life are rarely excused on account of good done earlier. It’s sad to see a hero fall, even when he’s brought down by his own hubris.

Links and a great quote from Belmont Club at Master of None. Go read.


  1. Sad to see indeed. It was refreshing to see a crooked politician take responsibility and feel shame for his actions. Usually they cry about how unfair it all is and try to weasel out of it. Perhaps his past will help him to face his punishment with dignity.

  2. Thanks for the link. I agree with Bram that it’s nice to see someone take responsibility for their crimes… but it’s even nicer when someone lives their whole life up to the high standard they set for themselves in their youth.

  3. Well he waited till he had no choice. He knew that they had the evidence and were going public with it. Now I don’t tihk that Duke is a bad perosn, just greedy and he let his greed get the best of him. Can happen to anyone. And no it shouldn’t overshadow his service. But don’t feel to sorry for him, he could have avoided the whole invetigation if he would have fessed up at the start. He was only remorseful when he got caught.

  4. I’m a long time conservative who has voted Republican since Reagan. I can’t express enough disgust at Cunningham. He was entrusted with the keys of power, and he basically said ‘up yours, I’m getting mine’. He can cry all he wants. I’d be a lot happier if this kind of egregious behavior was done at risk of public hanging. That would be worth crying over. I’m glad they got this Republican. The Party is redeemable. The Dems aren’t. Let the libs continue their corruption. They’re history, and I’m estatic that I’m going to see them dissappear as a viable party. Whigs, Whigs, Democrats, they’re all the same, part of history.

  5. Good to see you have integrity balding eagle. As for the Dems they can be just as corrupt and it’s been proven. It has nothing to do with party but the person themselves. As for the Dem party, we anin’t going nowhere so don’t get to excited. Don’t forget who the juinor party is in the U.S.