Lynne Cheney notes this interesting fact

Cheney Visits Iraq, Officials Laud Historic Vote

The Vice President and his wife dropped in on Iraq over the weekend. Mrs. Cheney pointed this out:

An estimated 100,000 Americans, just 3 percent of all eligible voters, participated in America’s first election under the new U. S. Constitution, she noted. And more than half of the U. S. population — all women and slaves — were ineligible to vote. In Iraq, by contrast, women are eligible to vote, there are no slaves, and more than 70 percent of the population voted.

And she also had this to say:

“I think it’s important not only to see what’s gone right in Iraq and Afghanistan, but to look at ourselves and say, ‘You know, our fighting men and women have accomplished something quite remarkable.'”


  1. Lynne is right. It took 9 years to get a vote on a constitution in Germany after WWII. Our guys in Iraq and President Bush et all are way ahead of schedule.