8 1/2 belts in 1:45…just for grins

A reader forwarded this video to me and it’s something to behold.

M60E4/Mk43 “Commando” Video (4MB .wmv)

As the sender writes:

So much for 3-5 second bursts!

This video, originally from Armed Forces Journal, has apparently been making the rounds for a while. US Ordnance’s page on the M60E4 is here.

I don’t think that the M60E4 has really caught on in the US military. Last fall MO noted that we were buying some for Columbia, but I’ve heard that (despite this video) the weapon suffers from reliability problems in the field. Anyone have any tips?

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  1. I know nothing of the 240. However the M60 family was notorious for not being idiot proof. I mean that it is emininently possible to disassemble and incorrectly reassemble an M-60 (as in for cleaning) and render it a very heavy single shot rifle by reversing one part. What I read about the 240 is favorable, and it must be more idiot proof. In experienced competent hands the M-60 works well.

  2. Wow! In my days with old M60, the barrel would have melted and the gunner would have faced charges. I wonder if the shorter barrel retains less heat and / or has better materials? I’ve always been partial to the HK21 machine gun since it fires from the closed bolt like a rifle. Makes it very accurate – it can even be used for sniping. http://www.hkdefense.us/pages/military-le/special%20applications/hk21e.html Like any of H&K’s weapons with the roller lock bolt, it is very reliable but far from simple.