Friday Linkzookery – 24 Mar 2006

Hummer Deathtraps Suck
“The bad news is that despite the armor improvements, the HMMWV remains trapped in 1980s thinking.”

Six-Wheel Hummers
Wow. (Via J-Walk)

“Darth Vader Was A Decepticon”
Now I am the master…and more than meets the eye. (via Jay at Wizbang)

Billionaire Lectures “Provincial” Peasants
Speaking of Star Wars, George Lucas says that media lets poor people know what they’re missing…and that that is a bad thing. And am I the only one who thinks his portrayal of “slavery” in Episode I glosses over a few things?

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter site
The first pics are rolling in.

2 Canadians and 1 Briton who didn’t want 25 million Iraqis freed are freed
Frank Warner: “Racists. Our brave liberators just rescued three racists.

A Complex and Changing Air War
“The top airman in Southwest Asia discusses air operations over Iraq and Afghanistan.”

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Everybody is E.O.D.
Always stuff needing to be blown or prevented from blowing in Iraq. And it isn’t easy.

Operation Swarmer Using Iraqi Forces
Some good pics at Strategy Page showing Iraqi and US troops

Church Sign Smackdown!
Back in aught-three I noted the Church Sign Generator. But this is too funny. (via Dean)

British JSF Prospects Looking Up
I’ve noted the potential snags in the US-UK cooperation on the F-35 program (or is that programme?) but it appears that real efforts are being made to sort things out. I think it’s crucial to stay together on this, and I also think we need to keep the F136 secondary engine program.

Rimfire Roundup #7
All rimfire all the time.

The 12th Carnival of Homeschooling
Sort of like the Rimfire Round-up, except with home-education stuff instead of firearms. Hosted this week at PHAT Mommy.

Border Security – BORTAC and the “Zetas”
Hmmm. We don’t seem to hear much about this…

Brit’s shot at Raptor is envy of pilots worldwide
“Langley welcomes a chap from the R.A.F. to be the first non-U.S. pilot to train on the Air Force’s newest fighter.”

Nontraditional Fighter Missions Provide Eyes in the Sky
NTISR – NonTraditional Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Note: I can’t even believe that MO linked to a site called “PHAT Mommy”…

How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Mullahs and Embrace The Bomb
Mark Buehner guest-posting at Winds of Change.

Europeans Giving Blood Money to Iraq Insurgents
I hope this is an exaggeration.

Prominent German Politician: “Americans Are Terrorists”
I also hope this is an exaggeration. Why are both links I say that for about Europe?

Donald Rumsfeld and the Media, A Bitter Love
He seems to be above even Dick Cheney on the media’s hate list.

Birmingham vets show right spirit in helping ship
Vets group makes donation to help repair the USS Alabama park which was damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Two More Reasons Not to Feel Safe While Flying
I’m not convinced we’ve got very far in this area.

Scientists aim to regenerate soldiers’ lost limbs
Would that be something, or what?

Hawaii Guard troops can keep combat patches
“An order that would have stripped many Hawaii National Guard soldiers of hard-won combat patches from Iraq and Kuwait duty has been revised after the issue was examined by higher command.”

U.S., Japan fail to reach accord on realignment
This sort of thing will go on for years. Things are really changing and it’s going to take a while for the dust to settle.

Oh, that liberal media
I keep getting told that the media actually has a conservative bias…

Police Hunt ‘Sniper,’ Find Pigeon Shooter

‘Running tap’ artist to try again
“An artist’s plan to leave six taps running for a year at secret London locations has angered Thames Water.”

MARSOC: Here Come the Marines
Have I mentioned this yet? I don’t think so. The USMC is joining SOCOM.

Russians gave Iraq info on U.S. war plans

A vote for hydrogen power
An “H-Prize”? Cool.

Legal observers eye Minutemen
“CASA, which receives taxpayer funds, will provide videocameras, notebooks, jackets and other equipment to observers.”


  1. Re: A Complex and Changing Air War. I don’t mean to nitpick, but when Lt. Gen. Buchanan talks about A-6’s in the first sentences of this interview, ya gotta wonder: ‘…the F-15Cs fly here, the 16s are going to fly here, the A-6s are going to fly here… We haven’t had any A-6 Intruders flying around since 1994. Hopefully he was talking about EA-6Bs in a jamming capacity or a HARM supression role, perhaps. Or maybe he was just pulling random aircraft out of his grommet. I’d really be worried if he added the F2H Banshee to that litany. Into the air, Junior Birdmen.

  2. I had no idea Darth vader was a member of the bush administration. Wow, could he really be Dick Cheney? Dick: ‘I find this lack of faith disturbing’ Man being choked:’yes lord Cheney, I will make a public apology for you shooting me in the face!’

  3. ‘2 Canadians and 1 Briton who didn’t want 25 million Iraqis freed are freed’ According to some news reports I’ve heard the former hostages were very uncooperative with their rescuers and, in fact, another member of their A$$hole organization went on the TV and announced in the future, if any of the ‘peace organization members were captured they did not want to be rescued since that might just cause a violent incident. If I were in charge of the Coalition forces I would have taken the Three A$$holes and put them right back where they were rescued from and walked away!

  4. The Lucas depiction of slavery is fairly typical of the condition of slaves in most societies, where most slavery was domestic or skilled worker stuff. It doesn’t show the typical condition of plantation slaves, which is reasonable since that wasn’t that sort of economy. And it isn’t a reasonable depiction of the dark side – if you’ll pardon the expression – of slavery in that sort of culture, since that went on very much behind the scenes. That was when slaves weren’t co-operative or useful enough for anything else, so they were sold into dangerous work like quarries, mines or dye works – the equivalent of being sold down river, with a corresponding reduction of conditions and life expectancy.

  5. The Hummer has taken on a life of its own, just like every other DoD program. It’s because of the way things are procured. Once a procurement office for a product is created, it develops significant inertia. It has it’s own lobby. A big program like that is headed up by at least a full Colonel, if not a General. In order to buy something new, the current program would have to be cancelled and the program office along with their huge lobby would need to be dismanteled. You see the same thing at work with the C-17. You have the huge contractor lobby to deal with too, naturally, but we always had that. The part that is a recent development is the huge program office and staff. They have an office dedicated to PR. They stay in close contact with the relevant members of Congress. It is way out of hand, and the people who suffer the most are those whose lives are on the line. The defense industry has become such a huge suck hole! It used to be so much better. Not a day goes by that I’m not amazed by how screwed up things are today. I’m just one of many counting the days to retirement.

  6. How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Mullahs and Embrace The Bomb’ Right on!! Nuke them suckers till they glow!! Seriously though I don’t think there will ever be a justifiable role for nukes in the war on terror. Except for extreme cases like (God forbid) after a nuclear strike against us. It seems to me that nuclear weapons would be massive overkill in this kind of war. I mean aren’t nukes best suited for massive military targets? We’re already going from 2,000-1,000 lb PGMs to 500-250 lb PGMs for that very reason (overkill/collateral damage) Don’t get me wrong; there is a time and a place for nukes and if you ask me when we invade Iran we should find some isolated targets to nuke just for the heck of it (and to show we mean business). But nuking Tehran shouldn’t be our first course of action. I think the best course of action for a preemptive strike on Iran would be a gloves off, brass knuckle conventional invasion. It seems to me we pussy foot around way to much. If we put mission success as a primary concern and collateral damage as a secondary one we could give them a war as intense and deadly as they could wish for. Throwing nukes all over the place couldn’t do it any faster and would just kill more innocents than necessary. And that would please the mad mullahs; who I don’t think care who dies as long as it brings back the 12th imam. You can’t really compare Iran with ww2 Japan. Sure they’re both mad but hey. All but a handful of Japan’s citizens would have gladly fought us tooth and nail had we invaded whereas a good portion of Iranians would be glad to be free of the mad mullahs. Also Japan’s leaders surrendered to save their people from further nukes. The mad mullahs most likely would savor the smell of what they think is the coming of the 12th imam and shout Allah Akbar. No I don’t think nukes would work on Iran as they did on Japan. Of course the blood of all innocents accidentally killed in war is on the head of the bad guys and the good guys need to use whatever means NECESSARY to win. But that doesn’t mean the good guys needn’t do everything possible to avoid the deaths of innocents (without compromising the mission). Meaning if there is a way to accomplish the mission without killing innocents use it (because we ‘can’ isn’t a good justification for anything) but if there isn’t – well that’s war – to end it fast; fire at will.

  7. Just in case you don’t believe I’m giving you the straight scoop on how the procurement people have taken over the DoD, check out this article. CNS News is not exactly your typical hotbed of looney left propaganda. They actually try to be fair and balanced, which makes them damn conservatives, no doubt. I feel bad for this poor guy in the article. Remember when it was only our enemies in the Soviet Union who sent those who refused to embrace Communism to the psychologists? Sometimes I wonder who really won the Cold War.