Armored Humvee replacement competition

Set Condition 1 has some info on the contenders: Bushmaster meets the competition in the US

Airborne Combat Engineer notes The Army is looking at off-the-shelf vehicles and asks Why not buy an interim replacement for the Humvee?

Joe Katzman: Hummer Deathtraps Suck: Take 2

UPDATE: I knew I’d seen another good post on the Humvee problem just recently. In an update to his post, Joe K points out Washington Park Prophet’s, um, The Humvee Problem.

For the record, Murdoc isn’t necessarily down on the Humvee. But Murdoc’s down on the fact that our military seems to be reacting in slow motion to this problem.

…insurgent groups around the world are upping the number of bomb-makers in their.ranks…

Yes, the military is a massive bureaucratic juggernaut that’s about as easy to turn as a loaded supertanker and I realize that it can’t just replace the Humvee overnight. But it almost seems like the decision-makers are waiting it out, hoping that Iraq settles down soon enough to head off a major course change. This, of course, doesn’t seem terribly likely to happen in the first place, and it ignores the fact that we’d then be facing our next military challenge with the same Achilles heel. Not to mention the number of lives and limbs lost between now and then.

Similar to my position on Marines in Iraq using the lightly-armored Amtrac, I recognize that just up and switching vehicles because of a particular shortcoming in a particular environment isn’t generally wise. But this environment is here to stay, as is the shortcoming, so it makes sense to make a few adjustments.

No light vehicle is ever going to be bomb-proof. Some of these IEDs blow tanks to pieces. But a vehicle better-suited to the environment would do wonders for the cause.

Do not forget that every potential enemy is eating the Humvee’s performance up. Potential terrorist/insurgent/jihadists are stockpiling IED material as we speak. Just as the US military is increasing the number of special forces operators and snipers, insurgent groups around the world are upping the number of bomb-makers in their ranks, hoping (waiting) for a chance to blow a passing Humvee loaded with infidels to smithereens. You know it’s true.


  1. Wow! Two links in one day! Thanks for the traffic, Murdoc. Between your link, the Defense Tech link to the M113 ‘Gavin’ post, and the usual searches, A-C-E traffic is going out the roof.

  2. OT: What happened to the Spartan and M113 APCs Jordan donated to IA? Only IA tracks I have seen are the T72/T55/MTLB/BMPs of 9 Div.

  3. Well, the old M1044 & 45 Hummers (effective against small arms) were great vehicles at one time. We could drive in terrain around Camp Pendelton that no prior vehicle could, especially the flip-prone Viet-Nam era Jeep. They were meant for a different kind of scenario. Whole mess is indicative of lack of war planning by Rumsfeld. Up armoring Humvees is a double whammy, you’re taking away the great capabilities they once had as fast attack vechicles, or for reconaisance. Erstwhile spending money on a half-Nelson vehicle that’s not really effective for any actual mission. IDF still uses WWII M-3 half-tracks for a good reason! It seems to me that Jaguar built an excellent armored reconaisance wheeled vehicle that would have been up to the job? What about up-armored LAV-25 (USMC) variant? Random thought. Aluminum hulls on M113 are not RPG resistant as they found out in Viet-Nam. Tracked vehicles also not suitable for urban environment due to maintenance & fuel requirements.