Friday Linkzookery – 07 Apr 2006

Marines can now earn Combat Action Ribbon for IED response
Retroactive to October, 2001.

Headless in the Headlines
The NYT blows it? No way…

Dell Snaps Up Alienware
Will this maybe help AMD get in at Dell? Murdoc hopes so.

2 air marshals plead guilty to drug smuggling
One word: “Sheesh.”

$7.3M for Housing on Guam
Guam continues to grow.

Emotional farewell to The Black Watch
The regiment has been incorporated into the Royal Regiment of Scotland after 266 years of service. Via ACE.

Friendly Robots Want To Do Your Chores
Murdoc wold like to be the first to welcome our robot house-cleaners…Our plastic pals who are fun to be with!

Anonymizer Takes on China’s Net Censors
“Company readies new software designed to allow Chinese users access to blocked sites”

Carnival of Homeschooling
Hosted this week at Why Homeschool.

Conscientious Objector Gets Honored Burial
After being wounded on Okinawa he CRAWLED OFF HIS STRETCHER to allow a more-critically wounded man get carried to help. Earlier he had carried 75 wounded men to safety. 75.

Google Finds Lost
How did they know it’s the island from ‘Lost’? Because they can hear Michael screaming “Waaaaaaalllllllt!!!” From the satellite. In space. Man, what a jerk.

New Hampshire Debates Welcome-Sign Slogan
“Live Free or Die” is apparently too belligerent. How about “We’ll have backbones…if that’s okay with you”?

Third Boeing 767 for Italian Air Force Ferried to Naples
Maybe the USAF will get a chance to review the Italian KC-767 performance. At the rate things are going, we’ll also get to review airframe longetivity.

Coal May Lead Way To Hydrogen Economy
Why don’t we just make oil-based hydrogen to power our cars? [/sarcasm]

Osprey Mishap Raises Questions
Because previous to the mishap (an “inadvertent takeoff followed by a hard landing“) there were no questions?

Military May Soon Have “Star Trek” Force Shield to Protect Soldiers, Vehicles
Got a call lat night giving me the heads up to a FoxNews report on a ‘Star Trek’ defensive shield and now this. It’s the Trophy Active Proctection System and a ‘delector shield’ it ain’t. What gives with the ‘Star Trek’ crap?

NASA And Zero-G Agree On Regular Shuttle Runway Use
Well, the thing sure ain’t all cluttered up with returning Space Shuttles.

Another Terrorist Captured
We nabbed a guy involved in the Sgrena kidnapping.

US Troops Misled into Shooting Italian Spy?
He was killed when the car carrying Sgrena was fired on at a checkpoint. My guess is that there was no trick and the troops simply fired because the car didn’t slow down as it should have.

Q&A: What You Should Know About Macs Running Windows“Burning questions about Apple’s Boot Camp and what it means to you.”


  1. WHAT GARBAGE! Why are we buying some Israeli APS system! Where the hell is Quick Kill, FCLA, or IAAPS??? What the hell does the US Army do with our money!? This pisses me off. We’re such a damned great country, we cant even keep up with technology the Ruskies created back in the 70s… GEESH!

  2. ‘Star Trek Force Field’ I guess Foxnews is saying now that the research panned out and is going onto our new FCS and maybe even some current stuff?? Would be cool. Another side benefit is I would imagine these things must suck a huge amount of electricity that would mean more powerful generators on the engines to feed that would give a lot of available usable power for when the field maybe either not needed or power better used otherwise. I remember seeing this awhile back but blew it off as too complicated and scifi for actual battlefield use. But who knows. Or is it just this TCS system. The TCS wont do anything for mines or those super IED’s or even VIED’s of the shaped charge variety anyway ya know the ones Hezbollah and Hamas (Irans trained Proxies) love so much.

  3. It has always been a bad idea to put Campbells and other highlanders in the same regiment. That was the main reason for the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; ‘Sutherland’ meant people from the north coast, mostly of Norse cultural antecedents rather than clan affiliations.

  4. Living in Scotland, I know many people who know something of their history dislike this change. The problem is that majority of people don’t see why they should care. People here are completely uneducated about their past. I know more about this country than they do, and I’m not even a citizen! The change that has come about is a pity as the Black Watch has a very old history. While it may make no difference in force structure, it may make a difference in morale. An example is: imagine if the USMC was to have to forget about it’s history. On a different note: I may sell all my belongings just to buy a rowing boat and supplies to row to Guam with. Just so I can find out what is happening there!

  5. Why are we buying an Israeli APS? Because their systems, unlike ours, work. Ironically, though, the same company that has been milking THAAD for a decade and a half can hit a comet a couple billion miles away with a closing speed of 23,000 mph, but it’s just too damn hard to hit a ballistic missile? Hell, it’s harder to hit a maneuvering aircraft than it is a non-maneuvering missile. It’s all politics, though. SDI was political from its inception. The defense contractors know that they will get backing from Republicans regardless of how long their program takes, so they are milking those programs for every dime. Think about it, though. Would you hire someone to work on your house they way the DoD hires defense contractors? Would you tell a building contractor, ‘take as long as you want, I’ll pay you a profitable wage by the hour’? You’d be an idiot to do that because the contractor would easily realize the more problems they have, the more money they make. Do you really think defense contractors are so stupid as to not catch on to this? I don’t blame the contractors for acting in a way that makes them the most profit. I blame you, the taxpayer, for allowing this farce to go on. I blame you for not demanding accountability. It is your government.

  6. I don’t get it though… Raytheons ‘Quick Kill’ has proven quite succesful in tests and was built as a side project. I prefer going with an American system. We have them. And they work. Strap ‘Quick Kill’ on Strykers and things will be dandy.

  7. From Defense Daily, Friday, December 9, 2005: With Israeli Patriot anti-missile systems, the AWS will become part of a two-tier national missile defense system by the end of the decade. It was the fourteenth Arrow Interceptor test, and the ninth test of the complete weapon system, the MoD said. It was a routine development test designed to demonstrate the system’s improved performance as part of the Arrow System Improvement Program (ASIP). An electronic steering failure during the last test on August 26th last year resulted in a missed intercept. It only the second interceptor failure, the previous miss coming in 1997, caused by an unrelated steering problem. Our interceptor missiles are lucky to have one or two successful intercepts. THAAD has decided actually hitting a missile is too risky, so now they plan their tests around not hitting the target so they can more easily declare success.

  8. Guam: Simply because I think there is more happening there than meets the eye. My personal view is that it is a new sort of Area 51. I’m probably wrong, but who cares, I like a bit of mystery from now and again. (mystery that does not involve crazy conspiracy theories, just plain mystery)

  9. —Alienware— A console can be fun too! Only very agile and experienced players can enjoy the better view and not their own digital guts!

  10. Alienware is a great builder of systems. I would really want that Quad Sli Aurora lol How long before China blocks that anonymizer website?