Iran: Method to the madness?

I’ve been reflecting on the report that Iran is passing a law requiring non-Muslims to badge themselves. If the report is accurate, it’s a totally insane move that is so outrageous that even the United Nations may sit up and take notice. Why does ol’ Persia continue to act so irrationally?

Let me toss out something that occurred to me during a discussion some time back but I don’t think I ever mentioned on MO:

Many theorize that the attack on the West by Islamic terrorists is an attempt to spark an all-out West vs. Islam war in which all of the Muslim world will flock to the banner of extreme fundamentalism in the face of the infidel threat, and Murdoc can buy that to at least some extent.

But the increasingly-lethal strikes against the West, culminating with 9/11, have failed to do this. Not only has the Great War not materialized, but the forces of Islamic terror are in disarray. What’s left of the Taliban is hiding in caves. The great jihad against the invaders of Iraq is kaput. Increasingly-desperate terrorist attacks against the West are making less and less of an impact. Suicide bombers, even those that are women, are no longer admired by nearly as many as in days past. (Killing the friends and families of those you wish to influence can do that, sometimes.)

So just what is an ambitious extremist to do?

Maybe turn an entire nation into a gigantic suicide bomb?

I’m reminded of something written by the late Steven Vincent about the difference between Sunni and Shiite suicide bomber/warriors in In The Red Zone, noted here:

The Sunni terrorist seeks honor and exaltation in a kind of suicidal sadism, killing as many of his civilian enemies as possible. The Shia shaheed, on the other hand, pursues his spiritual apotheosis by getting his enemies to kill him–a lethal exhibitionism first seen in the Iraq-Iran War, when Tehran sent waves of teenage boys, adorned with red headbands and plastic keys to Paradise, into battle zones to trigger land mines. So far, Iraqi Shia radicals have not resorted to terrorism against civilians. In addition, rather than use clandestine IEDS or car bombs against U.S. troops, Sadr’s al-Mahdi militia opposed Marines in irregular combat–and paid the price. Re-enacting the fate of Hussain and his followers at Karbala, many Shias, it seems, would rather be killed than kill.

Iran, of course, is overwhelmingly Shiite.

Could it be that, either by the design of the mullahs or by someone else, that Iran is setting the stage to be offered up as a martyr state, leveled by the West (unless the Jews do it first, which would be even more delicious) as a desperate attempt to unify the Muslim world against the infidels in an apocalyptic war?

No. You’re right. This theory doesn’t make sense. Which means that it matches up with the actions of Iran so far in this century.

Is there a method in Iran’s madness? And, if so, just whose method is it?


  1. Requiring badges… wait a second isn’t this a bit Nazi ish? Or am I just imagining what happened in the past?

  2. Ooops I should read down the page before posting due to my initial reaction… doh!

  3. The report you referred to is fake. quote/IRAN’S only Jewish MP strongly denied reports in a Canadian newspaper overnight that Iran may force non-Muslims to wear coloured badges in public so they can be identified. ‘This report is a complete fabrication and is totally false,’ Maurice Motammed said in Tehran. ‘It is a lie, and the people who invented it wanted to make political gain’ by doing so. … Mr Motammed said he had been present in parliament when a bill to promote ‘an Iranian and Islamic style of dress for women’ was voted. ‘In the law, there is no mention of religious minorities,’ he added. MPs representing Iran’s Jewish, Christian and Zoroastrian minorities sit on all parliamentary committees, particularly the cultural one, he said. ‘This is an insult to the Iranian people and to religious minorities in Iran,’ he said./quote,20867,19196947-1702,00.html All part of the disinformation campaign run to justify an attack on Iran. For the rest of the post – The Iranians are not any more crazy than other people. The have their share of end-time-comes folks, but those are just like the evangelical end-time-comes folks in the US.

  4. Yeah, they’re no more crazy than other people. They just strap bombs to themselves and blow themselves (and a bunch of innocent) people up. They fund and supply people like this all over the world. They chant ‘Death to Israel’, because they just don’t like Israel very much, and ya know that’s the kind of thing you do. etc. Yeah, they’re just regular folk.

  5. And, I really don’t think it’s necessary to make anything up to justify any kind of action against Iran. Threats of wiping out sovereign nations (more than one) + development of nuclear weapons = justification. And did you know Hitler was a nice man? He liked dogs. Wow, so do I, and I’m half German too. I bet he and I would get along fine. What a swell chap! I can’t believe the imperialist warmongering capitalist running pig-dogs started that war of aggression against him when all he did was take the German armed forces for an outing into Poland. rant mode off.

  6. To be clear, I’m not suggesting that it’s the people of Iran doing this willingly or intentionally. (I’m not even advocating this theory to begin with–just tossing it out there for discussion.) I’m suggesting that maybe that leadership is doing this, offering the nation of Iran as a gambit in a great strategy. And not necessarily even the leadership of Iran, but other leaders who are perfectly willing to take advantage of the suicidal nature waiting to be tapped in many.

  7. I think anyone who knows Iranians does not blame them personally for this mess. Most of them don’t like the government there very much. Personally I just think this is all chest-thumping, macho ‘we’re bad ass, we’re going to develop nuclear weapons and there’s nothing you can do about it, look what big men we are’ stupidity. The problem is, how to get them to participate on an international stage instead of just trying to be the big nation on the block.

  8. Well, a couple of things. The Taliban are NOT hiding in caves, they are coming out in force (and being killed by the score) but they are getting more money and recruits than ever. This year and next year there is going to be a fight that will see just how commited NATO forces are. I envision having to send our Infantry back in force. The second thing is that Iran is actively fighting now in Iraq. They are also trying to align politically with one of the most powerful parties in Iraq. So far that has failed. But Iran is increasig its forces in Iraq daily. They know if we are kept bogged down in Iraq and they keep Iraq from stabilizing, they will buy themselves time. That’s all they need. Papa Ray West Texas USA

  9. Sorry, I forgot one other thing, Iran has over 5000 recruits for murder bombing in Iran and claim hundreds more in other countries. They know that is their fall back, last ditch plan if we destroy their military. Papa Ray

  10. The claim that Iran sent children across minefields during the Iran-Iraq war, is false, as is the’plastic keys to paradise’ claim. Isn’t it ridiculous that people who have no contact with the subject, are doing all the talking? -Jahan