Speaking of light carriers…

Say good-bye to the Belleau Wood (LHA 3):


She was used as a target off Hawaii. Although she absorbed several hits by anti-ship missiles, she did not go down until scuttling charges were detonated along her bottom.

For more info and pics, see Strategy Page.


  1. They must have all hit her port side. Starboard looked pretty clean. Possible diving impact on flight deck. I wonder what they learned on this one vs the targeting of the USS America (last year?). Pic’s must be from a camera phone – not very clear (which is why they got released).

  2. I guess the Tarawas are being phased out by the Wasp class ships…if I’m correct… man if the Belleau Wood wouldn’t have been sunk it would have made a nice arena for us airsofters…heh, but I can dream.

  3. That’s a bummer. I was on the ‘drift wood’ for a brief period in late 1986, while in the Marine Corps.

  4. I was a marine stationed on that ship as well in the early 90s.. It’s sad to see her go.

  5. I don’t understand why it could not have been donated to the UN or a NGO. It could have been a huge fresh water and food deliverer to people in need. Think of all the nuns and puppies who could have been saved.

  6. I was stationed on the Wood from 1982 thru 1984 and it was sad to see the pictures of her sinking. Glad the old lady put up a fight to the last.