Say cheese!

Christian Woman Resisting License Picture Versus Veiled Muslim Woman Doing Same

Eteraz at Dean’s World has a post that seems to show far different results in two cases where women refused to get their picture taken for their driver’s licenses. The discussion in the comments is fascinating and informative, and things certainly weren’t quite what they seemed.

For the record, I don’t care if someone doesn’t want their picture taken for their license. It doesn’t bother me one bit. They certainly have every right to decide for themselves whether they should submit, for religious reasons or otherwise. They just don’t get a license if they don’t, is all.


  1. ‘My religion forbids me of using money, but man, I want that Ferrari. Could you please give me the keys?’ It’s OK cardoso, The Farrari dealer takes plastic. Perhaps these two dingbats should just submit a photograph of Cindy Sheehan for their driving licences. Sounds like they share the same mentality.