Not a “great” country anymore?

As I do from time to time, I cross-posted my Veteran’s Day motivational poster over to Free Republic, adding “Is this a great country or what?”. Thought maybe some Freepers would like it.

Sure wasn’t expecting this reply:

After Tuesday, great? the veterans,yes. the country, no.

Come on…is he saying that the United States of America just suddenly went down the tubes on Tuesday? We went from GREAT to NOT GREAT overnight because of one election?

At least wait until the folks elected screw something up (which I have no doubt they’ll do) before declaring that the United States is no longer a great country.

I’m disappointed in the election results and fear that it’s going to cause a few major problems, but to say the country isn’t great because the election didn’t go your way? Give me a break.


  1. I totally agree. I understand how some can get upset. Hopefully the Republicans will learn not to take the voters for granted. Hopefully they will learn to once again stand for something and advertise it. It is not yet 2008. There is time for conservatives to learn the lesson and change. However, we must remember this is the country of Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton X2, just as much as it is the country of Ronnie. Ron R stood for something, and it appealed to Democrats as well as Republicans. The pendulum will always swing from the far right to the far left and back again. In the long haul it is probably the thing that keeps us from fighting revolutions over and over. Election Day was the 7th. Ancient history. Today is today. If you don’t like those in office, work to change it.

  2. Oh yeah the US under ‘BIG government’ Republicanism was wonderful. In the end it’s really nothing more than Democrat lite. Hopefully the right lessons are being learned.

  3. MO, Well shite dude, consider the source. I haven’t read FR in…I dunno, the better part of a year. I got tired of it being so hard to have a civil exchange there. Too many venemous people.

  4. yea I would agree. That is total crap that because you did not get your way the country is going down the tubes. I know democrats where convinced after 1994 that the country would go down the tubes and the republicans believed that after Clinton was elected. Everyone just needs to calm down and know that the people spoke and things are great and going to continue to be great lol. Have a little faith in our society, Government does not make society or culture. Have a little faith in our people.

  5. PS This election was really the day of the conservative democrat. Look at Jim Webb or Joe Sestak and who they are. Things are going to keep going good, we have alot of pro military, veterans and conservatives in congress now just as we did before. Just because they have a D after their name does not mean they are going to destroy the country. Focus on THE MAN not the party. I am a democrat, Nancy Pelosi does not speak for all of us haha.