Chinese Aircraft Carrier — Landlocked

Noticed this a few days ago:


It’s in China.

A) How the Hades did they build themselves what appears to be a Nimitz-class super carrier?

B) Why, um, did they build it in a pond?

CLICK HERE for the answer


  1. This may help you out a little bit ‘on becoming commander in chief of the Chinese navy in 1982, Liu initiated at the navy’s Shanghai Research Institute a feasibility study on the design and construction of an aircraft carrier. Models were constructed and tested in the institute’s six-hundred-meter (656-yard) pool and at Tai Lake in Jiangsu Province.’

  2. I actually stumbled upon this place one day while taking a drive outside of shanghai. It was definitely a WTF kindof moment. It looked to me like a bazzaro version of Disneyland crossed with a naval training centre.