Friday Linkzookery – 24 Nov 2006

World War I veteran Ernest Pusey dies at 111
Fewer than 25 American WW1 vets still live. Pusey served on the battleship USS Wyoming.

Shocking! U.S. Police Patrol on German Autobahn!
American imperialists continue their plan to subjugate the globe.

October Iraqi Deaths Nearly Match An Average Month in Brazil
Sure, things need to get better. But let’s not lose perspective, either.

Roll your SUV eight times? You can star in a TV commercial!
Emily Bowens’ accident was caught on a sherrif’s car cam, and she’s now being featured in a seat belt awareness television campaign.

U.S. Soldiers Share Thanksgiving Tradition With Iraqis
Iraqi commander: “We come and eat together as brothers.”

How to Go Spec Ops
The Special Forces need to be expanded, but doing so without breaking the already-stretched force and without watering-down the quality is going to take time.

Afghan Sergeant Major Making Inroads for NCO Corps in Fledgling Army
As noted many times previously, a strong NCO corps is the backbone of a professional army. Not coincidentally, it’s also one of the weakest parts of most Middle Eastern armies and is difficult to establish.

Air Force plans to use X-37 derivative later this decade in on-orbit experiments
The X-37B will be launched atop an Atlas V and be capable of extended missions in LEO. First test flights planned for FY2008. Wow.

Old soldiers, fading away
The 89th Division Association from WWII is dissolving.

China To Build World’s Largest Radio Telescope
China’s moving ahead in nearly every technological field. That’s great. And a bit disturbing.

Guam to host UAVs
Guam is quickly becoming a central hub for our Pacific forces.

Nellis kicks off first Aggressor 101 class
Making sure the best bad guys in the world are on our side.

The Pledge
Dean Esmay with a good one on the Pledge of Allegiance.

Report: Iraq-Based Jihadists Seek to Expand War to North Africa
Africa Africa Africa. Why are so few people playing attention to Africa? The bad guys aren’t ignoring it.

Unified Africa Command Would be Important Step
At some point Africa is going to be getting a large share of our military attention. Might as well set the groundwork for organizing it right now.

On The Cutting Edge: Carbon Nanotube Cutlery
Could put Ginsu knives to shame.

Carnival of Homeschooling
Of course, it sports a Thanksgiving theme this week.

UN Deadlock On Defining Terrorism Persists
Hard to believe factoid: “The deadlock involves differences between Western Countries and the Countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.”

Killing Cassini
Chair Force Engineer on NASA’s plans for the end of the Saturn probe.


  1. UN Deadlock On Defining Terrorism Persists’ Sounds like a case of ‘terrorism is bad, except for when we do it’ to me.

  2. What, the X-37 will be launched on an Atlas V? The Atlas is the same vehicle NASA said was too expensive to ‘man rate’ thus justifying its fantastically expensive and problem plagued Ares 1 vehicle. I guess this is why Bigelow has been talking with Lockheed about supplying the Atlas to launch his payloads. Wow, business as usual for NASA. This press release from the Space Frontier Foundataion pretty well sums up the situation: ‘NASA should buy the ride, not the rocket,’ said Tumlinson. ‘Companies should not be paid for their efforts, but for success. If NASA were to pay for people and cargo delivered to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) rather than rewarding the highest cost development effort, competition would drive costs down, saving money for everyone. There would be more money available for exploration, commerce and science – not less. Then, NASA can focus on getting from the Earth to the Moon.’