9/11 Photos from Russian pilot?

Russian Pilot Making Photos 9/11 Flying Above NYC

Some 9/11 photos taken from the air that I’d never seen before, supposedly taken from by the Russian pilot of a Cessna. Here’s one:

According to the text, he misidentifies the plane that hit the South Tower as a 737 (United Airlines Flight 175 was a 767) and the picture of the impact doesn’t appear to really belong with the rest of the photos. Still, a slightly different look at the burning WTC towers.


  1. Bullshit — this is only a link bait post to get clicks on the Google ads at the top. The first poster was correct — there were NO large Boeings hitting the WTC towers on 911. To the average hypnotized TV viewer, filmed from a distance the towers appeared as only two little slim buildings that got hit by massive jets fueled with highly explosive jet fuel. The jets were manipulated images created in a TV studio & broadcast to an angry public hundreds of times a day along with Osama Bin Forgotten. Without the slightest investigation & within only minutes of the first fake plane crash, the crime had been solved by a TV announcer & the Arab suspects announced, some of whom are still alive today. Office fires & jet fuel CANNOT atomize 425,000 cubic yards of concrete in mid-air before it hits the ground; only explosives can. To all those beginning to emerge from the Government/TV induced fog, think about this: If you drive a car through a brick house, the car, especially the outside rearview mirrors, will NOT create a perfect outlined hole in the bricks. Yet 911 film footage shows the impossible; fragile aluminum-skinned wingtips cutting through hardened steel & concrete as if it were only a cloud. To the graduates from Popular Mechanics University… with all the Hollywood SFX you’ve seen over the years & given the dirty tricks and murders by U.S., Israeli & British secret agencies, is it not possible that these bastards could produce fake videos & distribute them? DO NOT BE FOOLED – THE MEDIA WAS INVOLVED IN THE CRIME. Any TV broadcast video of planes gliding into the towers is FAKE. The jet maybe looked real on TV, however, frame by frame examinations reveals the video’s not a real plane, showing impossible physical characteristics & behavior. It passes through the wall like a ghost w/o making a hole & w/o breaking off any parts. The hole only appears well after the plane has entirely disappeared. It is a fake. The plane is simply a movie. Witness evidence for a large plane hitting the south tower are as elusive as for Leprechauns. Research Articles: Why they didn’t use planes… 911 TV Fakery Hijacked Planes Were a Hoax Explosing The Myth of Planes On 911 911-Pound Gorilla in Cato’s Room Re-Open 911 – Fake Planes It Was A Bomb — not a plane… Nukes in New York On 911 # # #

  2. Ha! You are a complete imbecile!!! I was there that day and I was standing on the 37th floor of an office building about 1 km from the WTC watching smoke, flames, and little tiny bodies coming out of Tower 1 – and I saw a Large Boeing Aircraft fly right in front of me and DISAPPEAR INOT THE SIDE OF THE BUILDING and yes, idiot, there was a plane shaped hole – and the left wingtip of the plane hit the desk where I sat for 5 years. Hypnotized TV viewer, my ass. I saw a plane fly into a building and now I read some foolish moron who wasn’t even there claim it was all fake. There was no media involved whatsoever. I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES. The building was not ‘atomized’, dumbass – it took a long time before I WATCHED BOTH TOWERS COLLAPSE. Your pathetic claims of living 9/11 terrorists along with your obvious total lack of expertise in mechanical engineering merely demonstrates your denial of the truth. That day I came up with a motto – ‘Kill a terrorist today -> that’s one less terrorist to kill tomorrow’ For the next >6 months I could smell the fires burning every day I went to work. It stank. When they rebuild the Towers (after stealing billions of $$$ from the Gov-ment like New Yorkers are sooooo good at), I would be first in line to work on the top floor. Especially it I get a Phalanx weapon system to defend it. PS The Twin Towers were not constructed of bricks, you chuckleheaded chickenshit wimp. PSS I have never seen a Leprechaun – have you? Murdoc – please feel free to edit if you wish.