Googling Murmansk

A post at English Russia got me to pull up Google Maps and check out the Russian port city of Murmansk. Here are a couple of interesting shots:

Here’s a sub in drydock. Murdoc’s no expert on visual IDs for Rooskie subs, and he can’t figure out what this is. The short sail seems real far forward for a Russian boat, and it appears to have the diving planes on the sail rather than on the hull. What class is this?

Here’s the aircraft carrier Kuznetsov.

Unfortunately, the lighting conditions aren’t so good for the photos of Severomorsk, just northeast of Murmansk and apparently home to most of the Northern Fleet’s surface ships. Hard to make much out.

Still, check out the area yourself if interested. That link should take you right to the Kuznetsov.

Also, be sure to check out English Russia’s Murmansk Military Objects for more shots of interesting stuff. The abandoned ships are particularly something.


  1. Looks like one of their delta-class boats. I’m not sure which one, III or IV maybe?

  2. Shipmates, Yup, It’s a Delta… probably a type-III, but may well be a Type-IV. Respects,

  3. The twin screws combined with the position of the sail and the hump aft of the sail confirms this to be a Delta III or Delta IV; the sole remaining Soviet/Russian boomers.

  4. Thanks guys, now that I look at some pics I can see it. I had missed the big hump behinid the sail. Also, I hadn’t realized that the Typhoons were out of service. One still apparently is active, but only as a test platform for the SS-NX-30 missile.

  5. Delta IV or Borey (Delta V). Note the notch on the aft part of missle Deck. Delta I, II, or III does not have that…