What’s up with the M32 grenade launcher?

Suddenly getting lots of search engine hits for this bad boy. I recently posted a pic from the Milkor display at the SHOT Show. Here it is again:

The Milkor rep told me that there are currently about 250 of these in Iraq with the Marines, and that several other nations, including Australia, are looking at them as well.

He said that the accuracy is surprising and that they’re getting head shots at 150m. With a grenade launcher. Part of that accuracy is due to the electronic targeting system automatically compensating for the left-hand downward spin.

The current model weighs in at about 15 pounds, fully loaded, but that the next generation units will be about 10 pounds.

Many Marine squads are using the M32 in place of the SAW gunner.

Kind of makes you wonder about the XM25, huh? I haven’t heard anything about that for quite some time.


  1. Likely something showed some somewhere in the world in the popular press about the M32 platform. That is usually what ends up driving traffic spikes out of the blue on my site.

  2. I just wish that when Future Weapons did the Dragon Skin testing that they would have included a 7.62x54mm round (SVD) in addition to the .223 and 7.62×39. They also cheated a little by the use of a steel plate to show how easily they can penetrate armor, should have used a plate (boron carbide ceramic) that is in use today.