Iranians involved in the Karbala raid?

Qods Force, Karbala and the Language of War

I’ve meant to link to this for a couple of days, but I wanted to get my own two cents in as well. As I’m not having any luck getting the time to do that, just head on over and check it out. Excellent summary and analysis by Steve Schippert.

When will the “rush to war” cries begin?

UPDATE: Sheesh. A Reuters Alert dated yesterday:

UNITED NATIONS, Jan 29 (Reuters) – The United States appeared to rule out on Monday a proposal by the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency aimed at helping the West and Iran avert a rush to war over Tehran’s nuclear program. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

I spent a lot of time, much of it before I opened Murdoc Payday Online for business, arguing that the whole “rush to war” accusation about Iraq was a verifiable crock of spit. And we’d only been at war with Iraq since 1991. Iran has been at war with us since 1979.

Remember all those victorious “Rumsfeld shook hands with Saddam” and “the US gave Saddam weapons” and “we gave the Iraqis satellite intel in the 1980s” from the anti-Bush and anti-war crowd? What do they think that was all about?

Well, okay, they think it was because Bush is a Nazi and we loved Saddam, but doesn’t most everyone else accept, whether they agree with the policy or not, that we were helping Iraq contain Iran? I mean, isn’t that pretty much a given?

So I’m not understanding this whole “rush to war” thing. They openly declared war in 1979. We less-openly (but not terribly secretly in many cases) started fighting back in the early 1980s.

Iran is a key piece in the War on Terror and everyone knows it. Nuclear weapons or not.

My guess is that nuclear weapon development is going to play a similar role in the justification for our Iranian policy that WMD played in our justification for our Iraqi policy. A real, justified concern, but only one of many and not even necessarily the most important. But one that critics of other reasons will have trouble ignoring.


  1. Probably looking at people who at the very least received a substantial education in the west from a very young age. At worst, possibly American born and raised, now in the employ of various groups in and around the Middle East. Maybe not just for idealogical reasons, either. Just like we have contractors over there working, it’s very possible that other governments and their proxies are utilizing their own ‘contractors’ to carry out missions and attacks that are beyond their technical, cultural or linguistic expertise. This attack would fit that bill.

  2. When will the ‘rush to war’ cries begin? Hahahaha…they already have. See:,,2002232,00.html And then have a peek at Eli’s latest: Money Quote:

    Another factor in the debate is deep disagreements about whether Iran’s state apparatus is behind the Quds force, or whether it and the revolutionary guard in general do not reflect the policy of Iran’s supreme leader and the rest of the regime.

    Don’t know where to begin with that one, it so angers me. The point is, while there is validity to the fact that the IRGC & its Qods are not homogenous with Ahmadinejad nor any particular mullah per se, to attempt to absolve the regime of world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism by sugesting that Qods is now some sort of extra-regime rogue operation is an insult to the intelligence of the common Wisconsin tree squirrel. Those that argue this are ‘spoiling’ for appeasement and prolonging and extending the future list of American dead and targeted. Commentary forthcoming on this non-state approach tonight….hint….think of why (technically) Qods Force / IRGC is not on State’s Foreign Terrorist Organizations list.